Thursday, April 17, 2014

Panzarotti - Quickie Review

Today's post will be a really quick review of a Panzarotti from a pizza shop in Merchantville, NJ. (I forgot which one. I'll drive by it again and add the name later this week.) In case you've never heard of this food item, it's similar to a calzone. What you are looking at is a pocket of fried dough filled with cheese and tomato sauce. Essentially, this is a giant pizza pocket.

The outside is made of fried dough, but it's not the same as a traditional pizza crust. This dough is lighter, so when it fries we get these crispy bubbles on the exterior, while the insides stay nice and fluffy. Visually, it's appealing in that fast-food kind of way, but it doesn't make for very interesting photos.
It smells like most fried foods, a bit oily, but there's also a hint of the mozzarella cheese inside.

Once you take a bite, this giant pizza pocket gets a bit more interesting. Inside the fried dough shell there is a nice, well seasoned, tomato sauce and the walls are covered in melted cheese.

I really enjoyed the taste of the fillings, but I am not a fan of the fried dough exterior.

While I absolutely love pizza, and I eat it way more than I should, panzarotti aren't one of my favorite foods. I feel like it is the most greasy way to eat pizza, but I'm also not a fan of fried chicken and other greasy entrees. (Don't get me wrong, I love fried sides like onion rings and french fries, I just don't like my entire meal to be too greasy.) For a panzarotti, this one wasn't too greasy, and the fillings were well seasoned. If you like pizza and fried dough, you'll absolutely love this! I'll add the name of the restaurant (I think it was Vincent's?) once I know for sure.
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