Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's New at Aldi!

Fancy pastas with various dried spices and herbs!
The Impulsive Buy is awesome, and I love their Spotted on the Shelves posts, but they don't cover Aldi items. Even if they did, I doubt they would be interested in any of these. Since I am aldi obsessed, I think I might try and turn this into a monthy post. (We'll see what happens.)
Alright, let's see whats new at Aldi!

Tortilla chips AND garlic hummus? Awesome. I grabbed a bag of these. I hope to review them next month!

Aldi gets the most random brands, I am tempted to pick up the chili bar during my next trip.

Specially Selected is stepping up their game!

Look at all this awesome stuff! I need to figure out some sandwiches to use this stuff on.

Yogurt and Granola Parfaits are now even cheaper, so this is a great option for your workday lunches!

More fancy Greek Yogurts. I don't really enjoy mango, but I love pomegranates and cherries. I picked up a container and I am going to review it later this week.


  1. I'd call the Moser Roth comparable to Ghirardelli or Lindt. Good price and very reliable chocolate. They're also wrapped in little bars inside (or at least used to be) so it's easy to portion control.

    1. I am so touched that you took the time to comment on one of my little posts. I have been following Candy Blog for years, and I am trying my best not to sound creepy, but you're a real blogging inspiration to me. (I hope I don't sound creepy.)

      Thanks for the chocolate tip, I noticed that you've posted a few Aldi sweets before. I'll definitely have to give these bars a try in the future.