Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Arnold Palmer Coolatta - Dunkin' Donuts: NJ

Arizona's Arnold Palmer® Coolatta - Dunkin' Donuts: NJ
I wasn't planning on reviewing this drink, but my awesome boss treated us to some Dunkin' this morning and I couldn't resist a free foodie item to review. (If you're reading this, THANK YOU!)

As you can see there isn't fancy limited edition packaging, this is just a normal plastic cup and lid, so this is going to be a really short review.

The "Coolatta" mixture is red-ish brown, which mimics the color of canned Arizona Arnold Palmers really closely, and it smells sweet like artificial iced tea mix.

There were no surprises here. This stuff tastes exactly how you would expect it to. It's areally sweet, and incredibly artificial, artificial iced tea with lemon and crushed ice. There is no way you could ever think this was made with real brewed tea or fresh squeezed lemons, but it is pretty darn enjoyable.

I found myself sipping on this throughout my morning and I got a pretty decent sugar buzz, which was a nice pick-me-up for a Tuesday morning. Although I enjoyed it quite a bit, I would consider this a one time treat. The syrupy sweetness can be a bit overwhelming at times, so I don't see myself craving these once a week, let alone once a day like some Dunkin' addicts.

If you like Arizona brand teas, this is just an even sweeter version of their Arnold Palmer mixed with crushed ice. I think of this as an iced tea flavored Slurpee or Icee, so this might make a fun dessert for a hot summer night, but as a drink I think it's a one-and-done kind of deal.

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