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Reese's Pieces Eggs - Easter Gift

Reese's Pieces Eggs - Easter Gift
This weekend I'll be reviewing some Easter sweets. I know they're a little out of season, but all of of this year's Easter candy is still on clearance, so maybe these reviews will let you know which items to pick up, and which to pass by. (At the very least you'll know what to look for next year.)

To kick things off, I have this little packet of Reese's Pieces Eggs.
The packaging is nice and bright, so it'll definitely catch your eye in the check out lane, and the seasonal design isn't too obnoxious. I wish the rest of the Easter-basket was as simple as the pink bird silhouette, but this is pretty nice as far as seasonal designs go.
When I opened the bag the Reese's Eggs looked just like Easter Peanut m&m's, so they weren't too interesting to photograph, but I did have one wonky egg. Look at it! It kind of looks like chewed bubblegum, which sounds weird, but I totally dig it. Since this one stood out from the crowd I decided it would be the first to be eaten.

Now, I've had Reese's Pieces before, so the taste was nothing new, but this was my first time trying a larger/seasonal variety. When compared to the standard candy, the portion sizing of these eggs is absolutely perfect! You get a lot more of the peanut-buttery flavoring and I found the size to be a lot more satisfying.

If you've never had Reese's Pieces before, they are a creamy peanut butter flavored confection coated in a crunchy candy shell. (The outside coating is very similar to m&m's or Smarties.) The filling doesn't taste like 100% real peanut butter, it's heavily sweetened and a bit processed, but the flavoring is enough that you would know what they were going for.

I like Reese's Pieces, and they are a rare treat for me, but I think the size of these seasonal eggs has ruined me for normal Reese's Pieces all together. I really like the shell to peanut butter ratio here and I found myself really satisfied after 4-5 little candy eggs.

If you see these on the shelves, and you enjoy peanut butter, be sure to grab a bag. I think these little baggies would be an awesome pick-me-up purse snack.
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