Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bacon Mac & Cheese Chips (Lay's Do Us A Flavor) - Wawa

Bacon Mac & Cheese Chips (Lay's Do Us A Flavor) - Wawa
Out of the four, this was the hardest flavor for me to find. It took me four Wawas to find this mini bag and it was the last of it's kind in the entire store. With that being said, I am fairly certain that this flavor will win this year, not because it truly tastes better than the others, but because it appeals so strongly to the average American consumer. (We Americans love cheese, bacon and potato chips. It isn't rocket science.)

It's pretty sad that the winner is already so clear, but maybe these will taste so good that they will deserve to win? Let's find out!

As I mentioned in my other posts, I've already tasted these chips and posted a first impression video over on Youtube so, if you'd like to see my exact reaction the first time I tried these chips, check it out here. These blog posts are more of a second look to see if being re-exposed to these flavors can in anyway change my opinion, so let's get started.

The bag is a bright yellow color, very reminiscent of the winner from last year's contest, Cheesy Garlic Bread (which didn't deserve to win at all. Sriracha forever!), but this sunny hue is more on the mustard-side of the yellow spectrum. I don't know about the rest of you, but when I think of Mac and Cheese I imagine the same yellow-orange color as the Crayola crayon of the same name. The yellow bag stands out a lot more than an orange one, so it does catch your eye a lot more with this color selection, but I don't think that it matches the flavor as well as an orange would.

When opened, the crisps smell like salty bacon seasoning, similar to the Bacon Popcorn I reviewed back in February, oily potato chips, and a tiny bit like dog treats. (More specifically Beggin' Strips.)

Before I get into it, I want to to take a moment to kind of validate my bacon reviewing skills.

I love bacon. I once cooked up an entire pack with my sister, just because we were 20-year-olds and we totally could, and we ate the entire thing. (It was the best worst decision ever and we haven't done it since nor will we ever do it again, but we have no regrets. That breakfast will live on in infamy!) In short, I cooked and ate more than half of a packet of bacon. I know what true bacon tastes like, and these do not taste like real bacon. This is that fake, extra salty, bacon-bit flavoring mixed with a hint of  smoke, creamy cheddar cheese powder, and a hint of onion.

These don't taste bad in a flavor sense, but they taste really bad for you health-wise. The creamy cheese flavoring on the chips seemed to build up after a while and my tastebuds started to feel more bored than satisfied.

In the end, this chip doesn't taste bad, I just think it's boring and really predictable. I have never bought a bag of the Cheesy Garlic Bread chips since they have won, and if this wins I don't think I would buy them either. This flavor is just too similar to what is already available in the snack aisle for me to ever want to revisit it.

It's a shame that we might get two cheesy chips in a row from these Lay's Do Us A Flavor contests, but I still have hope that the Wasabi and Ginger chip will somehow win this year since it's truly unique and enjoyable. (At least it's unique for the American potato chip aisle.)

Also, if by some miracle the Sriracha chips could somehow show up out of nowhere and steal the winning spot this year, that'd be cool too.
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  1. Idk how these are so supposed to win since my poor husband has searched for months at every store we have around and never see even one bag....they always have the stupid nasty garlic monstrosity in there place it almost seems....frankly....all I've tried suck!

    1. I agree, this batch of finalists has been really disappointing. I'm not head over heels in love with the Wasabi Ginger chips, but I feel like they are the best of the bunch. I only see bags of the Mango and Cappuccino chips left on the shelves, but I"ll keep an eye out for any Mac and Cheese bags for you. Good luck searching!