Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Caramel Macchiato Candy Corn - Walmart: Cherry Hill, NJ

Caramel Macchiato Candy Corn - Walmart: Cherry Hill, NJ
I have a confession to make, I'm not a fan of candy corn. While I'm not an avid candy corn hater, it's way too sweet for me, so I very rarely buy or consume it. (Although I do have the occasional nibble here and there, and when I do, I always eat it section by section.) My boyfriend on the other hand, loves this stuff. He buys several bags of it every fall to fill the candy jar in his living room, and he's always looking for new crazy flavors to try. So when I told him there was a new flavor of candy corn that combined his fall favorite with a bit of coffee (his other food-obsession), he was all about it.
This was another one of those items I wasn't planning on reviewing, but my boyfriend bought a bag of this stuff and gave me a taste. That first bag is long gone, so I figured it was worth a re-buy and a review.

The packaging is a basic plastic bag, which isn't resealable (although it really should be), and it features a fall color scheme, scattered candies, and a little cup of coffee. The design is pretty underwhelming, but the bag serves it's purpose. Also, I'm guessing the major candy corn consumers out there pour these directly from the bag into candy dishes, so maybe a resealable bag would be useless for their target audience, but I tend to nurse candy corn for quite a while, and that stuff can get really stale. Although I'd personally appreciate a resealable bag, I can easily dump these into a ziplock bag myself.

Inside the bag there are tons of little candy corn with a white, yellow-orange, and toffee colored pattern. To me, these look like a lighter version of the chocolate "Indian" syle of candy corn, but they smell strongly of buttery caramel, with a hint of instant coffee. It doesn't smell like a real caramel macchiato, but it does smell like those caramel latte flavored instant coffee powders.

Although it goes against my normal section-by-section way of eating candy corn, I popped a whole piece into my mouth to get the full candy corn experience. The texture is just as soft and fondant-like as normal candy corn, but the flavoring is completely different! This tastes like caramel covered popcorn with a dusting of instant coffee powder, made into fudge. It's incredibly sweet, like all candy corn, but the burnt sugar and coffee notes make this really enjoyable. (I also seem to detect a little hint of salt.)

Eating candy corn my normal way (section by section, as nature intended), the white section seemed creamy and mild, very similar to normal candy corn, the caramel colored section was buttery and a bit salty, this is where that caramel-popcorn flavor is definitely coming from, and the toffee colored bottom had a mildly bitter coffee and  caramel flavoring.So the different colors really do relate to different flavors in this confection. (That or the power of suggestion and me justifying my candy eating method is getting to me.)

I really like this flavor a lot! It might even be different enough from normal candy corn to convert candy corn haters! If you like caramel and you're looking for a little something different for your pumpkin-shaped candy dish this season, give this a try. However, the coffee aspect of this is more-so instant coffee than the real deal, so coffee lovers might not be so keen on this flavor. (My coffee-addicted boyfriend liked it, but he preferred the pumpkin spiced candy corn out of the two. Me, I prefer this one.)
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