Friday, October 10, 2014

Pumpkin Cheesecake Doughnut - Krispy Kreme: Collingswood, NJ

Pumpkin Cheesecake Doughnut - Krispy Kreme: Collingswood, NJ
Welp, the wifi adapter on my main computer is kaput. It lasted over a year and I was really happy with it, but today, out of the blue, it wouldn't connect at all. I thought it might be loose, so I reached to remove it, and it felt like molten lava. I let it cool, then attempted to reconnect it, which worked, but it quickly started reheating and then the internet was gone once again. I already ordered a replacement, so in the meantime I'll be using my older computer that is directly connected to the internet for my reviews. So sorry if things look a little wonky, it's been a while since I've used this one and the monitor might need to be recalibrate.

Anyway, my mother decided to treat my sister and I to some doughnuts, so what better time to try this pumpkin-y limited edition doughnut?

This doughnut is marketed as a fluffy yeast doughnut with a pumpkin cheesecake flavored filling topped with cream cheese icing and a ginger snap crumble. Sounds good, right? We'll see.
Photo © Krispy Kreme

There isn't any packaging to review, so I'll just critique the doughnut's appearance, and right off the bat this looks nothing like the promotional photos. The ginger snap pieces on my doughnut are a lot darker and they look kind of like snuff (aka chewing tabacco), which is not something I typically look for in my baked goods. Also, my doughnut looks a bit sad and deflated, and I can't see any of the cheesecake topping at all, but it must be there. Something making all of this cookie crumble stay put.

It smells just like the normal doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, sweet and yeasty, but there is a hint of ginger snap and spices which is quite nice.

I took a bite, and the doughnut was sweet and delicious, as always, but I didn't reach any filling. It took a few bites but I finally hit a reservoir of creme and it tasted, sour and really under whelming. The filling is tangy, kind of like cheesecake, but not really, and I couldn't taste any pumpkin at all. I tried the filling with a bit of the cookie topping, which was better, but the gingersnaps make this taste a lot more like Winter than Fall.

I gotta say, Krispy Kreme, you really failed me with this one. Maybe something was wrong with my doughnut, the cream seemed awfully tangy, maybe it was a bad batch? Or maybe the pumpkin spice was forgotten when it was mixed. I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but I really didn't enjoy this doughnut. The filling was way too tangy, there wasn't any hint of pumpkin or pumpkin spice, and it just did not taste good.
On a Pumpkin Scale of 1-5 (5 being the most pumpkin-y) I’d give this a .3, possibly a .5. There's a bit of spice in the crumbly topping, but it's more-so a gingery winter blend than anything fall. The filling is very tangy, kind of like plain yogurt, and the overall flavoring of this confection is more-so cheesecake-y than anything else. If you're looking for real pumpkin flavoring, or a decent doughnut, prepare to be disappointed. 
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