Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Pasta - Aldi: Cherry Hill, NJ

Halloween Pasta - Aldi: Cherry Hill, NJ $1.89
Happy post-Halloween! I hope all of you were able to have a great night. Sadly, I saw little to no trick-or-treaters this year, so I still have a bunch of candy left over. (Who am I kidding. I'm secretly happy to be surrounded by a ton of sugary sweets.) Since I saw so few kids, the ones who did make it to my doorstep got a giant Pixie Stick, or a fistful of candy. How was the turn out in your area?

Since I was home hoping to give out candy to tons of people,  I decided to be festive and cook up some creepy pasta (get it?).

The packaging consists of a plastic bag, a folded cardboard topper, and little metal rivets keeping everything together. The rivets were a nice touch, and I like that the bag shows off the product, but the design itself is really cheesy and over the top. Look at those text choices! I can't pick on it too much, but since Aldi seemed to be stepping up on their design game this year, I was expecting more.

I poured the bag out to see how many different shapes I could find.

There were spiders, in both purple/black and orange. Pumpkins. (Again in both colors)

Adorable little bats...

And not so adorable witches on broomsticks.

Uncooked, the shapes are nicely detailed and pretty whimsical. This would make a great arts and craft material, and it's relatively cheap. My preschool-art-teacher-instincts started kicking in and I was thinking of all the different crafts we can use these with, or maybe make a Halloween themed rice table, but I originally bought this to eat, and eat it I shall.

I had Parmesan on hand, so I whipped up some Alfredo sauce to top it with. (Most of you might remember I can't have too much tomato sauce or else I get sick, I have an acidity issue, so I gravitate towards cream sauces.) On it's own, there really isn't much flavor to describe, I mean it's just a novelty pasta, but it did cook up nicely and it didn't dye my water a horrifically yellow pee-color like the last pumpkin shaped pasta I reviewed.

Texturally, it was really nice, but the flavoring wasn't any different from other instant noodles.It worked really well with my Alfredo sauce, and the shapes held up after being cooked. I'd definitely buy this again, and I am going to check Aldi to see if any of this is on clearance. It tastes like normal pasta, and the shapes are adorable and festive. I don't care if it's after Halloween, I'd eat creepy pasta year round!
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