Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Candy Cane Trident Layers - Target: Marlton, NJ

Candy Cane Trident Layers - Target: Marlton, NJ
I'm running out of time! I'm going to knock out as many holiday reviews as I can this week! Next up, some seasonal gum! Will this really taste any different than all the other peppermint chewing gums out there?

The layout and design for this packaging is the same as the Pumpkin Spiced gum I reviewed last month. All Trident Layers packages are laid out the same, the image and color scheme just change to match the flavoring, so there's not too much for me to talk about here. I like the images, but I still think the design for the Jelly Bean gum was the best Trident Layer's has ever produced. Also, their ingredients are still listed on the removable plastic wrapping, which seems silly. Why not print it on the actual packaging? That way you always have it available when you're sharing gum with friends and family. Still, this festive package is able to stay classy and avoid looking like a novelty. I'd say that's pretty successful.

When I opened the packaging, I was surprised by the strength of it's peppermint aroma. This smells pretty darn minty, again, this isn't as strong as an Altoid, but the aroma is pretty eyeopening. If I were feeling sleepy, this would definitely be a pick-me-up.

I popped it into my mouth...and it tasted kind of fruity? Maybe not fruity, but it definitely doesn't taste as minty as it smelled. There is a sweet minty flavoring, similar to candy canes, but that center layer tastes like normal pink bubblegum. The initial flavoring isn't great, it's a mixture of mint and Dubble Bubble, but once everything is chewed up and combined, it's a presently sweet mint chewing gum and it represents candy canes rather nicely.

The chew is super soft, so you can't make bubbles with this one, but it will freshen your breath. Also, I noticed that this is a super sticky gum. When I went to throw it away, it got stuck to the bag in the trashcan, so don't be the jerk who spits this out on the ground or put this under a chair. It'll get all over the place.

I wouldn't say this flavor is worth buying, there are tons of peppermint gums out there that are better, but it might make a fun stocking stuffer for the holiday season.
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