Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Limited Edition Yoplait Cinnamon Roll Greek Yogurt - Walmart: Berlin,NJ

Limited Edition Yoplait Cinnamon Roll Greek Yogurt - Walmart: Berlin,NJ
There have been so many new yogurts released this month, I wasn't sure where I should start, but when I saw this, I new I had to try it. Cinnamon buns are one of my favorite sweets. When they are soft, and warm, and when the icing is still all runny, they turn any bad day into a good one. I rarely get to have them, and I've been craving one really badly, so let's see if this Greek yogurt can satisfy my stomach. (That's what these are meant to do, right? They act as a healthier alternative to eating the real deal. So I'll put it to the test today.)

As you can see, the packaging is the same as every other Greek yogurt out there, and I've talked about packaging like this before, so there's not all that much to say. The container is nicely designed, it functions well, and the cinnamon bun photo looks good enough to eat.

I attempted to peel the foil lid back, and it was really difficult. Foil lids like these are pretty weak, you can poke through them quite easily, so that wasn't an issue. It was the heat-seal/glue around the edges. However these containers are sealed, this one was definitely overdone. During my struggle I ended up accidentally poking a finger into the foil (and yogurt) and using that little hole to peel it open. I'm guessing this isn't a problem for all the yogurts out there, I might have gotten an oddly sealed one from a specific batch, it wasn't terrible, just really unusual.

Anyway, the yogurt inside was an off-white color and it was flecked with little bits of cinnamon. It pretty much looks like rice pudding without the rice. The aroma for this flavor is a lot sweeter than normal vanilla yogurt, and there's a hint of cinnamon, but the best thing about it is that the tang of the Greek yogurt mixed with the sweetness makes me think of cream cheese icing.

I took a bite, and it did not taste as comforting as a warm doughy cinnamon bun, but it was really delicious. This is right up there with that Chobani Watermelon yogurt! The flavoring is very sweet, tangy, cinnamon-y, and although there are no cake or dough-like notes, the flavoring is very reminiscent of the icing for a cinnamon bun.

I think this flavor is fantastic, and I quickly ate the whole thing! Plus, it left me pretty satisfied as far as snacking goes, but I still wouldn't mind a real cinnamon bun. If you're looking to replace the real deal with this, it just doesn't cut it, but if you're looking for a delicious cinnamon-y yogurt, this is amazing. I imagine it would make a great fruit dip, and it really does make a very satisfying snack. (It's just not as good a a real cinnamon bun.) I'm still not a huge fan of Greek yogurts, but if they keep coming up with flavors like this, I can see myself converting to the protein-side.
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