Monday, February 2, 2015

PB & J Strawberry Pop Tarts - Walmart: Berlin,NJ

PB & J Strawberry Pop Tarts - Walmart: Berlin,NJ

If you grew up in America, a PB&J sandwich is filled with childhood nostalgia. It's the perfect go-to school lunch or afternoon snack. When I was little, I always had strawberry jam on my sandwich, which I thought was the "normal" combination, but I guess grape is the industry standard. Back in the 1980's Pop-Tarts had a PB&J flavor with grape jelly, but it was discontinued in '86, one year before I was born. Thankfully they decided to bring the combination back, but this time, it has the proper jelly filling, strawberry! I may not be a peanut butter addict, but there's something about the mixing of creamy peanut butter and strawberry jelly that I absolutely love, so I am super excited to give these a try!

The cardboard box for this flavor isn't as fancy as the rest of the "Gone Nutty" line, there's no texture or embossing, but the overall design and layout is the same. It's vibrant, appetizing, and it does a good job of catching your eye. I already reviewed the plain Peanut Butter Pop-Tarts, so if you want to see my thoughts on the packaging, head on over to that post. Let's get to the real review, I am way too excited, I want to eat these NOW!

Inside the box, the toaster pastries are wrapped in a gold colored plastic, which is the same as the other flavors in the "Gone Nutty" line. This is a great move, so these flavors are easily distinguishable from the non-peanut variety, which all use silver. This way, those of you with peanut allergies know to steer clear of this one.

Once opened, the pastry inside uses a vanilla-base with a tan peanut-colored frosting, and red sprinkles. Untoasted, the Pop-tarts smell sweet and doughy, like any other flavor, but there is a mild hint of peanut butter.

I took a bite of one as-is (untoasted), and I absolutely love it! The edges are a bit dry and crumbly, like all Pop-tarts, but the filling is a great ratio of peanut butter to strawberry. I wouldn't say the strawberry filling is all that jam/jelly-like, it's more like the normal, dry-ish, strawberry filling used in their other Pop-tarts, but the flavors work together really nicely.

I toasted the other one, and the toasting process made the filling inside a bit more liquid-y, but being warm kind of ruined the overall PB&J effect. I never ate my PB&J grilled or toasted, so eating the Pop-tart at room temperature as my preference. I think these might actually beat the original Peanut butter Pop-tart as my favorite flavor of all time.

This combination is a bit processed, so it doesn't taste exactly like a soft doughy sandwich made with white bread, but it reminds me of my childhood. The peanut butter and strawberry ratio inside is absolutely perfect, neither one overpowers the other, and I think this is one of the best flavors they've ever made. If you like your peanut butter sandwiches with strawberry jelly, you have to give this a try! I'll definitely re-buy this one!

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  1. Eating one as I read this review. I have not tried the plain PB ones but this one is so good it has ruined all other PopTarts for me. Hope these stick around. I also like the filling better untoasted but the crust taste better toasted so everyone should try them both ways.