Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Candyology101 Episode 10: Easter Goodies Pt.1 (I TRY MYSTERY PEEPS ON AIR!)

Easter is upon us, and it might sound a little bit shocking to some, but Easter is actually the biggest candy holiday of the year! (It beats out Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas.) There are so many sweets for us to discuss that it couldn't be contained in one show.

In this episode Cybele and I discuss our favorite Easter sweet, the must-have traits of a good Easter candy, and chocolate bunny eating strategies. Plus, I try a package of the new snazzy Mystery Peeps on air! What do they taste like? Listen and find out!

(Click the Candyology link to see all the different items we talk about in this podcast and find out where you can buy it!)
Meet the cast:

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