Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Candyology101 - Episode 20 : Salt Water Taffy (Let's get sticky!)

Growing up in New Jersey, salt water taffy has always been synonymous with summer. It instantly makes me think of seagulls, sandy beaches, and those tiny fudge samples they hand out on the Wildwood boardwalk, where every single candy shop sells fudge, and when you buy a pound of that, you get a free box of salty water taffy. It's a "daily" special that has been going on every single day, every summer, since before I was born. (It's a scam for shoebies, but what a delicious scam it is.)
On today's episode, Cybele and I discuss the origin story of this summer classic, compare east and west coast taffy, and brainstorm about what flavors we'd love to see in the future. Tune in and treat yourself to a little taste of summer. (While it lasts. ;_;)

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