Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Candyology 101 Episode 31: Pucker up for some Sour Candy!

We've talked about a ton of the sweet stuff, so today we're focusing on Sour!

It's the sour things in life that make us appreciate the sweet! On today's episode of Candyology 101 we tackle the goodies that make our mouth water and our eyes tear. Everything from the mild Lemonhead to the profuse puckering power of Warheads. To start, I give you a little glimpse of the science behind what makes these sweets so sour, and we talk about the validity of the warning labels on treats like these. Then things get a little less science-y as Cybele and I discuss our favorite go-to sour candies. Plus, we have the fan favorite Treat or Trick section to finish things off and let you know what new goodies are headed our way. Tune in and grab a napkin, because talking about all these sour goodies may cause you to drool a little. (Consider yourself warned.) 

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