Thursday, February 11, 2016

Seasoned Seaweed Sandwich with Almond and Sesame - TBT Summer Fancy Food Show

Seasoned Seaweed Sandwich with Almond and Sesame - TBT Summer Fancy Food Show
Longest post title ever? It might be! Well, this swanky looking mermaid has red hair, so that's kind of Valentine's Day-y, right? Okay, maybe not, but I have to review it. It's been in my stash for nearly a year! (It expires this April!) Plus it's Thursday, so what better time to review a throwback item with a sassy red-headed mermaid on the package?

The packaging is a matte foiled pouch with all over printing and silver edging. The illustration takes up most of the packaging, which is a simple vectored mermaid with a slightly creepy almond boggling her. Is he raising his eyebrows seductively? I really like the color choices and layout, and the product photos, but this art style seems so random. It looks like a chibi mermaid-version of Jessica Rabbit mixed with Cherry from The Studio Killers. I kind of dig it, but it also feels really random. Also, why are her face and hair detailed when she just has mitten-hands? It's an okay design, not my favorite, but it did stand out from all the other seaweed based snacks at the show. (Which had more simple or serious designs.) 
Inside the pouch is a clear plastic tray filled with a bunch of these seaweed sandwiches. They smell like almonds and salt water, which I really liked. Then again I'm a huge fan of any kind of seaweed snack, so if you're not into seaweed and ocean-y treats, this smell might be a bit of a turn off for you.  

As soon as your tongue touches the seaweed you get that ocean-y flavor mixed with some kind of Teriyaki-seasoning. It's sweet, savory, a little meaty, and fresh, so it's pretty much the perfect example of umami flavoring. I really liked the taste right off the bat, and then as you chew you get all this great crispy texturing from the almonds and sesame seeds. The combination of textures and flavors has a great (Americanized) sushi feel, and thanks to the crunchy mix-ins, this was really satisfying and filling. This bag contains two servings, but I was so satisfied after a few sticks that I broke it up into two. 
These things taste great! You get that wonderfully light but ocean-y flavor of seaweed, the umami notes from the savory seasoning, and a really satisfying crunch. I loved this stuff! If I see it around I'll definitely buy more. 
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