Friday, July 8, 2016

Banana and Dark Fudge Newtons Fruit Thins - ???

Banana and Dark Fudge Newtons Fruit Thins - ???
These things are over a year old and I have no idea where I got them. Maybe Walmart? Target?

I picked them up because they were banana flavored, and someone told me they were really awesome and that I should review them...but they got lost in my massive food hoard for over a year. Thanks to my YouTube videos I'm making massive dents in my pile and these finally resurfaced. Fingers crossed that they're still good!
The packaging has held up surprisingly well. It's been buried under a pile of various food stuff for a year, but you'd never know that by looking at it. It looks like I just pulled it off the shelves yesterday! So as far as durability is concerned, this gets a gold star, but when it comes to design... I love the bright yellow color, but the text feels really out of place. The script style font on the front is pretty hard to read, and the other side has this eroded typeface that feels really out of place for a Fig Newton product. It looks like it's trying to be something bold and extreme on one side, and fancy on the other. Who is this packaging targeting? That's just me being a picky graphic designer though. Now what will year old fruit thins taste like...?
I opened up the paper bag and there was silver foiled plastic bag inside keeping the thins crisp. Maybe that kept them fresh all this time? I peeled the plastic back and they still looked pretty good! I mean, a few cookies broke, but for the most part they look fresh and ready to eat, plus they smell pretty good too. The crisps have a mild banana aroma mixed with 'Nilla wafer and a hint of chocolate.

I took a bite and...they're okay. Not great, but okay. They taste pretty mild, and the mild fruity flavoring makes me think of digestive biscuits or teething cookies. It's not a bad flavor, but I do feel like I'm eating baby food or something meant for Toddlers. Even the chocolate "fudge" drizzle tastes really mild and a little waxy. Since these are a year old I can't say this is a really fair review, maybe they tasted better when they were fresh? I might have to revisit them in the future just to be sure, but as they are now, these are really mild tasting banana biscuits with a hint of waxy chocolate on the surface. Not terrible, not great, just okay.
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