Thursday, July 7, 2016

Candyology101 Episode 41: Mango Madness!

There's no denying Mango's popularity, especially in the summer. As a former mango hater I still don't get the hype, but I've learned to enjoy and accept it as a part of the usual summer/tropical flavor mix.

On Candyology 101 the three of us....wait, three? YUP! Lauren, aka CandyHunting, is back recording with Cybele and I again!

Tune in as the three of us talk about mango flavored sweets of all kinds. We've got candy bars, gummies, lollipops, taffy and more! Then, as always, stay tuned as Lauren and I dish about some new candies headed to grocery store shelves in out Treat or Trick segment.

Here are a few links to mango goodies I mentioned on the show:

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