Saturday, July 9, 2016

What I Ate Today: Wildwood Boardwalk Edition

We've got deep fried Oreos, candy bars, pickles, cookie dough, name it, they'll fry it.
I went to the Wildwoods for the day, to spend a little time with my family and take my dog, Jack Jack, to the dog beach, and I thought it'd be fun to do a little "Day in The Life" style post with all the stuff I ate down the shore. So here we go!
Mid-Yawn. He has a big mouth for such a little dog. Kind of reminds me of that one scene from Beetlejuice.
Just happened to catch my dog, Jack Jack, mid-yawn this morning, but his furry face is usually the first thing I see every day. I wish I could tell you that I went out to eat some kind of epic breakfast, or at least ate something new or interesting, but my actual breakfast consisted of several handfuls of Cheez-Its with a bottle of water. I regret nothing!
This is my laptop, Ozma! (Anyone know where I got that name?)
I ate my shameful Cheez-It breakfast in bed, finished up a new blog post, and got ready for the beach. Wildwood has it's own Dog Beach sectioned off with cones and it's really nice. There's fenced in dog parks close to the boardwalk with fountains, but Jack's favorite part was digging in the sand. The ocean...

Can't say he was a fan of that part. There's too much sand and too many seagulls to really do any eating on the beach, so afterwards my sister and I went to the boardwalk to begin our feeding frenzy. We started with ice cream, but not just any ice cream. We got Teppanyaki ice cream!
Ice Hot Teppanyaki is new to the Wildwood Boardwalk, it just opened this season, and they serve hot food cooked on a metal griddle-like-table, like chicken with rice or noddles, but they also create delicious frozen desserts using an ice cold metal table.

The process is similar to what is done at Cold Stone Creamery, you get to make your own ice cream flavor with mix-ins and toppings, but the biggest difference is once the ice cream is mixed, it's scraped into lovely flower-like curls! Here's a little video I took of the process.

The shop is decorated so cutely too, it's begging for foodie Instagram shots.
So cute! We split an order of the Go Go Banana, which was cream mixed up with actual banana slices on the ice cold slab to make ice cream curls, and then those curls were topped with honey syrup, bananas, Nilla Wafers, chocolate cookies, whipped cream and a marshmallow on a skewer. It was delicious! The ice cream was really dense and flavorful and the toppings added all kinds of flavor and textures. I will definitely be going back for more!
They had $1 burgers, $1 slices (including toppings), and buy one get one chicken finger platters.
After our ice cream dinner we grabbed a $1.00 slice of pepperoni pizza from Fredo's for dessert. Boardwalk pizza can cost an arm and a leg, but Fredo's was very budget friendly and it tasted a lot better than the $2.50 slice we got last weekend at Sam's. (Sorry Sam's, the crust was burnt and the rest of the pizza was under-cooked.) 

Then it was time for round 2 of frozen delights. I had my heart set on a watermelon Polish Water Ice, but they were out, so lemon it is! If you've never had Polish Water Ice, it's practically a soft-serve version of water ice. It's light, creamy, and it comes in a lot of flavors. (Just not watermelon. At least not today. ;_; )

My sister opted for a savory Potato Stix instead. This was the first time either of us have had this boardwalk treat. It's a spiral cut potato, skewered on a giant stick, and fried. It's like a mixture between potato chips and steak fries, and you can top it with a whole bunch of seasonings. We used basic salt for the most part, but on the top portion we used the sour cream and onion powder and it was really tasty! Makes me want to try this at home but my fryer is no where near big enough.
Being the gluttons we are, we couldn't leave the boardwalk without a funnel cake, so we got one coated in TONS of powdered sugar and then started off on our way home. The only other item not pictured in our boardwalk binge was her Lime Ricky, and a few bottles of water, but other than that this is everything I ate today at the Jersey Shore. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this little glimpse into life as a foodie on vacation.
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  1. I wish we had water ice in Seattle! I went to New Jersey once as a kid, and I still think about all the good food you guys have on the east coast that I was introduced to there! lol Hopefully I'll get to go back someday!

    1. I always forget that water ice isn't as popular outside the East Coast! I hope you do get to come back and try more versions and flavors. Polish Water Ice is very light and creamy, very different from the punk-shaped containers you can buy in the grocery store.