Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Buck Wild Honey BBQ Snack Mix - Gift but Available at Starbucks

Buck Wild Honey BBQ Snack Mix - Gift but Available at Starbucks
I was sent the snacks for free but not paid for this review.
A few months ago, the people behind Buck Wild sent me some gluten free products to review. Maybe it was because of my gluten free Aldi reviews? Whatever the reason, I'm all about free food. 
They sent over a healthy selection, but one of the products that caught my eye was this Honey BBQ snack mix. I looked like it had corn nuts in it, and I've been craving corn chips, so I threw it into my photo setup for some quick snap shots so I could dig in.

The logo and branding for this item is cool in that Urban Outfitters kind of way, but the name, "Buck Wild" always makes me think of Buckwild from Flavor of Love. Every time I say the name in my head I hear it in her voice. "It's time to get Buck Wild!" I am a former VH1 reality TV junkie, and the last time I saw was when she went to Monique's Charm School to try and better herself. I wonder how she's doing now...oh.  

Favor of Love aside, I really like the typography and how it blends into the antlers of this "Buck". In my opinion, the bag's design is nicely laid out and very appealing. Just what you'd expect from a Starbucks exclusive product. 

I opened up the bag, and the contents smelled sweet, like BBQ sauce, but with a salty corn-chip base. I poured some into a plate for a closer look. We've got some corn nuts (yes!), some peanuts, a few pretzels, some little corn-based bread sticks, and these nifty Star Trek looking triangle-shaped pita snacks. Not a bad mix, 
Time to give it a try! Initially it tasted sweeter than I had expected, but it had a fantastic crunch. Some mix-ins stood out more than others. The corn nuts were perfect. Their salty, crunchy, corn-base balanced out the extra sweet seasoning powder nicely, but other less flavorful items, like the space-shaped pita snacks, were too mild. They had texture, but little to no flavor on their own, and they didn't grip the seasoning powder all that well so it was kind of like eating a crunch piece of plain pita, which isn't bad, but it wasn't a mix-in I found myself reaching for. (Although I love the shape!)  
The other mix ins, like the corn sticks, tasted more savory and appealing than the sweeter glazed pretzel rod pieces, but they did have a really awesome light but crunchy texture. I just wish it leaned a little more toward the savory or tangy side. Then we have the peanuts, which are okay, if you like peanuts, but I'm a nut-hater. (ew.) They were admittedly my least favorite part and I found myself nibbling around them and leaving them for last. (But I'm pretty sure they're the most nutritious part of this snack mix.)  

Overall, this snack mix has a sweet and smokey flavor, but it's more honey than BBQ. Originally I thought the seasoning was going to be more like the Honey BBQ twists from Fritos (which are one of my guiltiest junk food pleasures) but this is far more sweet, and even though I enjoyed it, I wouldn't buy this one for myself. I rather have their Garlic Popcorn (which was amazing and a huge hit at my last BBQ)
If you like super sweet BBQ sauce, or BBQ potato chips, you'd really enjoy this mix, but if you're looking for a sweet and tangy combo, this isn't it.  
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