Thursday, March 16, 2017

#tbt Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes - Walmart

#tbt Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes - Walmart
Are you ready for another pumpkin spice throw back Thursday? I know I am!
Actually, this might be the last pumpkin spiced product in my stash. I don't see anything else hiding in my cabinet, but knowing my food hoarder ways...something might pop up in a week or two.
First world food blogger problems, am I right? Oh well, let's eat some 6 month old Cupcakes!
I've already talked about Hostess Cupcake packaging here, here, and even here, so I am going to skip over the aesthetics and get right into the review.  
Inside the box we have eight spiced cupcakes with white fondant tops and orange squiggle-icing "doodles." 
These are roughly half a year old, but other than the orange food dye from the "doodle" leeching into the vanilla fondant, these are looking pretty fresh! Unwrapped, the cake portion is still moist and oily like all junk food snack cakes, and even though it smells more like cake-spice than pumpkin spice, the aroma is still giving me fall flashbacks. I took a bite and...
These aren't as good as the caramel apple ones, but they're still better than I expected.

The cake portion tastes surprisingly allspice-heavy, which is why it's making me think of cake-spice, not pumpkin spice. Allspice is a flavor that isn't (traditionally) used in pumpkin spiced goods, so even though this is more spiced cake than pumpkin spice, it's not something I really mind. The cake has a fairly bold spiced flavoring, but it's not very sweet on it's own. Which is a good thing. The icing on the top and creme center more than make up for the cake's lack of sweetness. From what I can tell the icing and the filling are both vanilla flavored, not spiced, so they both mellow out the spice blend and overall this cupcake is sweet without being throat-burningly-sweet, and it has a flavor profile that is very fall-friendly. Not bad, not bad at all. 

It's not my favorite fall junk food pastry, but it's better than other spiced snack cakes out there. 
However, now that I know how awesome the caramel apple Cupcakes are I'd rather buy those next fall. So even though I'll have no problems finishing off this box, I won't be buying another one. I feel like these are better pumpkin themed junk food options out there, so unless you are particularly obsessed with Hostess Cupcakes, this is a season product you can skip.
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  1. These look delicious and so pretty. Definitely visiting Walmart for these.

  2. I'm luck for pumpkin spice cupcakes ain't seen them yet.