Sunday, September 10, 2017

Cute Packaging AND Pear flavored candy? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Pop Candy Peko Chan Lollipops (Pear Flavor) -  Asian Food Market $3.99
Peko chan is back with more lollipop flavors! Well, just one new flavor, but it's an interesting one! 
Last year I reviewed the insanely adorable Halloween version of these lollipops which included the standard grape, strawberry, and orange flavored candies which are also included in this bag. To see my thoughts on the original fruity trio, check out last year's review. This time around I'm only going to focus on the new, green-colored flavor addition: Pear!
Pears are one of my favorite fruits of all time, but it's rare to see it used in candy outside of wacky limited edition or novelty flavor mixes. It has come and go in Skittle's Cauldron mix, these Lifesavers Exotics gummies, and those Harry Potter jelly slugs. Other than the Juicy Pear flavored Jelly Belly bean, I can't think of any other pear-flavored candy in America that's available year-round. Why is this wonderful fruit so underappreciated? Does it just not work in candy-from? Maybe this lollipop will tip the scales in it's favor. 
This packaging, although not as cute as the Lovely Halloween edition, is still really stinking adorable. It's covered in bright, saturated, colors that grab your attention and then it punches you in the face with cute, round, shiny illustrations. Turn it over, and it's even cuter. 
I just...I'm a total sucker for this stuff. It's super busy, and bright, and colorful. We have (completely unnecessary) instructions for how to get your candy out of it's wrapper, a reminder to STOP and dispose of your trash correctly, and information about how the images on each candy allow you to play a game of rock, paper, scissors. (A super obvious fact that I somehow missed my first time trying these candies. I was like, candy with a fist on it? Only in Japan...but it totally makes sense.) 

Based on it's looks alone...

After my last review, we already know the three main flavors are winners, but they are all safe choices. Pear, on the other hand, is a bit of a riskier choice. So without further delay, let's give it a try! 
Unwrapped, it doesn't smell like anything at all, but it's a pleasant green color that is bright, but muted enough to look more pear than it does (evil) green-apple.
When I popped the lollipop into my mouth I immediately noticed how refreshing this flavor was! It's not the light, crisp, taste of biting into a ripe pear, but it is sweet, and complex, similar to sweetened canned pears often used in baking, or Goya's pear nectar. It's almost like a caramelized, or honeyed, pear, and I really like it! There's a slightly artificial tang at the end that reminds me of overripe fruit, but it's not strong or unpleasant enough to stop me from enjoying the candy.   
Honestly, I really liked this flavor a lot! It's very different from typical American lollipop flavors, and it's a great addition to this fruity mix. That being said, this is a very sweet rendition of pear, so one lollipop is enough to satisfy me for hours, but kids might be able to munch on these babies one right after the other.
It seems like this brand of lollipops likes to switch things up, not long ago I spotted this bag with a different green flavor, melon soda, so I'm not sure how long pear will be around, but it's definitely worth checking out. If you can find it, give it a try! Especially if you love pears.  
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  1. Jolly rancher did pear. I guess they still do?

  2. I've never seen a pear Jolly Rancher (it sounds amazing) but if they did offer it, it must have been discontinued. Along with Peach and Wildberry.

    Right now they only offer: cherry, blue raspberry, grape, green apple and watermelon. There are also sour, berry, cinnamon, and smoothie varieties.

    What a pity, because pear sounds AWESOME