Monday, September 2, 2019

Starburst on Steroids

Sweet & Sour Hi-Chew  - H-Mart
If you've never experienced a Hi-Chew, you're missing out. These are Starburst on steroids. I introduced my fiancee to these candies when we started dating, and since he loves all things chewy, they quickly became one of his favorite candies. 
Thankfully they are getting more traction here in America. A few years ago I could only find them in Asian markets, but now big chains like Target, Walmart, and 7-Eleven regularly keep them in stock. It's beautiful. Still, for the more unique flavors and mixes, the Asian markets can't be beat. I grabbed these at H-Mart and I'm excited to give them a try since I have NEVER had a bad flavor of Hi-Chew, but you know what they say? Never say never.

Watermelon: Far from sour, this is tangy at best, but the flavoring is appealing nonetheless. This has a similar watermelon flavoring to Sour Patch watermelon slices, despite it's claim of being "true-to-life," I found this flavor in particular to be quite artificial, but watermelon flavored candy is tricky like that. If you like the previously mentioned candy, you'll like this one. Shockingly, this was my fiancee's least favorite, he just could get over the artificiality. Me? I love sour watermelon slices, so I thought these were perfect. 
Lemon: Since lemons themselves are known to be sour, I really thought this would have some pucker power, but again, this was tangy at best. Even so, this was freaking delicious! It's all the sweet and tangy flavoring of Lemonhead candies, with an addicting bouncy chew. I am in love. Easily my favorite of the three, and my fiancee agreed. 
Grapefruit: Through the process of elimination I figured this must be the truly sour flavor in the mix. Nope! Normally I am all for grapefruit sweets, but this take is oddly musky, almost skunk-like. It take a few chews for the tangy grapefruit flavoring to reveal itself, and eventually that odd muskiness does fade away into juicy citrus notes, but it wasn't enough to save this flavor from being my least favorite.
My ranking: Lemon, Watermelon, Grapefruit 
My fiancee's ranking: Lemon, Grapefruit, Watermelon 
Overall, I liked the variety in this mix, but the biggest takeaway is that lemon Hi-Chew are AMAZING. (Well, they are if you like Lemonheads like I do.) I would definitely repurchase this bag in the future, and If any of you see it out there in the snacking-wild, I definitely recommend it.  
Since everyone in the world has different tastes, I've always avoided giving food items I review a ranking on any kind of scale. (With the exception of all my pumpkin reviews.) I just think it's kind of silly, for example: what I might consider to be a 5/5 might be someone else's 0/5. But, to give my posts some kind of finality, I think I'd going to steal a page from streaming services. 
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