Thursday, September 5, 2019

Like a Tastykake Time Forgot

Chocolate Banana Mochi Pie Cookies  - H-Mart
Is it a cookie? A pie? Mochi? All of the above! This mish-mash of a product was just too intriguing to ignore.
Inside the bag are tiny individually wrapped cookies. And when I say "tiny," I mean it. These are easily one bite, two if you want to be dainty. 

These look a lot like the soft baked cookies you can buy at the grocery store, but looks can be deceiving. The individual wrappers deviate from the larger bag and have these labeled as "pie cookies with mochi." I think this is a misnomer trying to relate these cookies with Choco Pie, a popular snack around the world that has a particular place in Asia's heart. Choco Pie is not a pie at all, but two cake-like cookies, with a marshmallow center, covered in a layer of chocolate. This being a soft mochi center wrapped in chocolate cookie, I can see the resemblance. 
Once opened, I can smell chocolate breakfast cereal and fake banana, which may be another food blogger's nightmare, but I am 100% into it. The banana aroma is slightly more authentic than Runts, but still leaps and bounds from realism. Over the years, fake banana has actually grown on me, so I found this to be really appealing. My fiance? Not so much. 
It's almost like a Tastykake time forgot, it's still soft, but it's shockingly dry, like a spongecake-fossil. Still, the exterior has a nice chocolate flavor, similar to a Ding-Dong or MoonPie, with scattered chocolate chips that practically melt in your mouth. The chocolate bits are far more delicious than they have any right to be. The chocolate bits outshine the rest of the cookie which is mediocre at best. 
Inside, the mochi center is soft and bouncy. All of the banana flavoring is concentrated there, and the taste isn't as artificial as it smells. You can tell it's trying to be banana, but it definitely is NOT banana. 
In the end, this is an okay cookie. Everything about it is pretty enjoyable except for the oddly dry exterior. If paired with a glass of milk, I think the dryness will be much more tolerable, but as-is, this is a tiny lack-luster cookie. For the price, I think you can definitely skip this one. 
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