Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Extra Toasty? Cheese Crackers

Extra Toasty Baked Cheese Crackers
- Aldi
Other than the stuff you see here on the blog, I rarely buy brand-name products. My normal grocery shopping routine is Aldi, BJ's, and now Lidl, and I'm usually sticking to house brands. 

For the most part, there really is no difference, but I'm not totally blinded by my penny-pinching-ways, there are a few brand name items that I do swear by, like Crunchy Cheetos, Cool Ranch Doritos, and my beloved Honey BBQ Frito Twists (which have no equivalent), but the Aldi cheese crackers are pretty on-par with Cheez-It. Especially Aldi's reduced fat cheesy crackers, which are my cheesy snacking cracker of choice.   

While I'm not be a card carrying member of the extra-toasty-are-the-best-Cheez-It club, I do appreciate finding the occasional extra toasted cracker in my box. So I was excited to see these offered at Aldi, the only problem? They're only available in one size, Family Size. So let's hope these were worth it!

Some of Aldi's house-branded packaging, like Clancy's, have improved their designs over the years by leaps and bounds, but their cheesy snack cracker line is still pretty no-frills looking. I don't mind it, but I figured it's worth pointing out. 

Once opened, the crackers smell, well, cheesy. Although the scent seems less salty than my usual Reduced Fat version, the overall smell is very similar to their standard cheesy cracker. Maybe it smells slightly more "toasted" than usual, but it's not that much different, which makes sense when you get a look inside the box. it just me, or are these, like, not toasty at all? There are some slightly orange singe-y marks on a few crackers, but for the most part, these seem normal. I'm really hoping they somehow taste toastier than they look. 

I popped a few crackers into my mouth and...they're maybe slightly more toasted than usual, but am I sad to say, they're really generic. While I liked their reduced fat cheesy crackers, their normal line is a little too bland for my tastes, and these are very much like the normal variety. This is an instance where if you want normal cheese crackers, or extra toasted, you're probably better off going with the name-branded stuff. 

Which pains me to say, but it's true. These are good, but not great, and as far as toasty-ness is concerned, they're subpar.

I ended up giving my box to my mom and sister, who do really like Extra Toasty Cheez-Its, and they agreed, these were okay, definitely edible, but they just don't scratch the itch that a box of Extra Toasty namebrand would. To use them up, I suggest using them as breading for chicken, or as a component to some fun seasonal snack mixes, but for out of the box snacking, they will leave you wanting.  

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