Friday, November 13, 2020

These Vampires, Suck - Hershey's Vampire Kisses

Vampire Kisses
- CVS 
Happy Friday the 13th to you all! I should probably celebrate by watching some Jason movies, but he's never been my favorite. I'm more of a Nightmare on Elm Street kind of girl. So, even though Freddy vs. Jason was pretty much garbage, I think it's what I'll be watching tonight, and along with my bowl of popcorn I'll be chowing down on discounted Halloween Candy, like these Vampire Kisses!  

Since I really liked the strawberry-filled Ghirardelli squares that are only available on Valentine's Day, I thought this might be a Hershey equivalent I could snack on in the meantime. I wasn't expecting much at all, just Hershey's quality chocolate kisses with a strawberry center. You know, like they promised. 

Well, if these are indeed strawberry flavored, it is the weakest flavor I have ever experienced. 

The chocolate quality is on-par with Hershey's products, so it's not a silky melt in your mouth affair, it'll get the job done, but this filling? It's almost more of a texture than it is a flavor. I can feel that it's filled with a creamy...something, and it's certainly sweet, but there are very few fruity notes to be found. Just generic sweetness, a very faint fake berry flavor, and lots of red food coloring. I'm not one of those people who can taste red food dyes in things, like breakfast cereals, so I didn't find the dye itself to be the problem, it's more-so a lack of flavoring overall.  

I wanted these to be sweet, and a little jammy, like the Ghirardelli squares I love, with maybe actual strawberry seeds inside. Instead of anything resembling actual fruit, or jam, this is just smooth, creamy, nothing-ness. The only thing it reminds me of is a novelty chocolate strawberry lipbalm I got from Claire's back in my high school mallrat days that died a slow death in a dresser drawer.  

After being so disappointed, I looked at other reviews online hoping I got a bad batch or something, and it seems people either love or hate these things. Delish reviewed them and said the strawberry flavoring was so strong they could taste it before the candy even touched their mouth, and other reviews on Target say they're fruity and delicious, now, I'm not calling them a liar...but there are plenty of nay-sayers like TheImpulsiveBuy and myself who agree that they are super bland and barely fruity at all. Were there good and bad batches? Did they send the good stuff to influencers only? I'm not entirely sure, but based on the bag I have in my possession and their quality, I wouldn't buy these again, even on clearance. (I got these 50% Off at CVS.) 

As far as I'm concerned, these are a huge flop, which is a bit shocking because strawberry is pretty damn basic. How do you mess that up?  

Just to end the review on a positive note, I love the wrappers and the little paper tails that say "vampire." So, there's that... 

In the end, these might be a bigger disappointment than Freddy vs. Jason. Maybe I should has watched a vampire movie, like Interview with the Vampire instead. (It's currently on Hulu and probably my favorite "serious" vampire movie, but they also have Blade which is so much fun!) Did you try these? If so what do you think? And, what's your favorite vampire movie? 

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