Monday, July 26, 2021

Black Cookie - Egg and Cheese Flavored Cookies?

Black Cookies
- Hung Vuong Supermarket
We have metallic gold against the image of a black-brick wall, a picture of what looks like a black-colored macaron, BUT it is supposedly egg and cheese flavored. How could I NOT buy this?! 

I'm a sucker for weird flavors and a pretty package, but I've been down this road before. Will this actually deliver? We shall see. 


Note the shape, the texture, and the delicate foot at the bottom of the cookie shown on the box. Classic macaron. This image is on both sides of the box, AND on every single one of the individual wrappers. A bold choice, considering that, when opened, it reveals a cookie that looks nothing like that. 

Unwrapped, the cookie smells sweet and buttery, a lot like the classic Danish butter cookies I used to eat at my grandparent's house. You know, the ones that come in blue sewing kits tins. Only these cookies went through a goth phase. (It's not a phase, mom! Just kidding my mom was always cool with it.) While it may be black in color, the top and bottom sandwich cookies are thick and biscuit-like, no delicate little foot to be found. The tops are stamped with "O.K.," and the bottoms are occasionally put on upside-down, so their stamped surface is actually covered in the filling. Definitely not what the package promised. 

Speaking of filling, the icing, or creme, or whatever this claims to be, is very thin, almost undetectable to the eye. So the looks aren't exactly on-point, but maybe it'll taste like cheese and egg? 

The cookie on it's own is sweet but very mild. Although it looks so thick  it somehow melts away into nothingness as you chew, revealing a buttery, almost savory flavoring. Could that be the "cheese" the packaging promised? It doesn't really taste like cheese, kind of like standard butter cookie but slightly more savory. It's good but not living up to the hype of a black egg and cheese cookie. Could it have been a mistranslation? 

The filling is off-white and looks rather ghostly in appearance and since there is so little of it, it's hard to get a sense of how it really tastes. It's gritty, lightly sweetened, and kind of tastes like a sugary version of the orange Lance or Austin cheesy crackers stuffed with peanut butter. Imagine a Danish butter cookie, stuffed with a cheesy orange cracker and tiny bit of Oreo filling. That's pretty much what this is. 

As strange as this cookie is, it's oddly good? Not great, but good. It took about four cookies before I could figure out where I stood on these. I don't like the false advertising, which is shady, and the flavor doesn't make me think of egg, or cheese, but maybe that is a good thing, because I think I might actually like these. 

I ate a few more and came upon one or two cookies that were oddly salty, much more so than the rest. That, along with the misplaced bottoms, show there is definitely a quality control issue regarding consistency. Still, these strange, tiny, black-colored cookies are rather enjoyable. I like their small size, I like the branding overall, but I don't like the lack of transparency, and I don't like all the excessive packaging. I wouldn't buy these again, but I won't have any problems finished off the ones I had already.  

If you see these around, I don't think I would recommend buying them, but I personally don't regret giving them a shot. If you've tried these, let me know what you think in the comments down below.  

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