Friday, July 30, 2021

Extreme! Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks - Aldi Ice Cream Review

Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks - Aldi 

As I reached for my tried and true pint of Make Fudge Not War I thought, why not try something new? This container of Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks was a seasonal product, popping back in time and again throughout the year, mostly during warmer weather, and I had never tried it. Why not now? 

For comparison, Make Fudge not War is a Ben & Jerry's knock-off with "super premium ice cream," but it's just a chocolate ice cream with brownie chunks, and this is just chocolate ice cream "maxed out" with Moose Tracks fudge. How different could they be? 

If you want to be all responsible and science-y, and compare the two nutritional panels, these are actually quite different. A serving of the Make Fudge Not War is half a cup, which clocks 310 calories, while this stuff is portioned out at 2/3rds a cup for a mere 240 calories. So you get less calories per scoop, which means there's something to the "super premium" labeling after all.  

Compared to the pint this has less fat, less sugar, and about the same amount of sodium. Health-wise, that sounds like it would be "better," right? Well when it comes to ice cream, fat is good. It makes things richer, creamier, which is why all those light ice creams are so styrofoam-y and full of air. Will this taste diet-y? 

I opened it up and wasn't terribly impressed by the surface, it didn't look "maxed out" to me, but after a few spoon-scrapes I take that back. This has a lot of tracks in it, but I wouldn't call it fudge. 

The chocolate base is deep, chocolatey, and creamy. Honestly not a bad replacement for my Make Fudge not war. It has some chocolate notes similar to a Wendy's Frosty, mixed with Hershey's syrup. I was worried it would taste as bad as the "healthy" Fruity Pebbles light ice cream, but thankfully this is pretty decent. Certainly not as premium as the Aldi pints, or fancy small-batch brands, but for a grocery store no-frills brand? The chocolate flavored ice cream base is more fudge-y than it has a right to be.  

Speaking of fudge, these tracks sure are plentiful, but it's more like canned chocolate cake frosting to me than "fudge." When cold, it has the texture of a soft bubble gum with some slight frosting-like grit, and the flavor is certainly chocolate, but more so that of a chocolate magic shell or canned frosting than real fudge. Which is something I never understood. I love fudge, why do all these things call themselves fudge when they're not actual fudge? 

A lot of talking and nit-picking, but in the end this is still pretty good stuff. I think I would prefer my normal pint in the future, but I will happily decimate this entire carton in one sitting while marathoning Fear Street on Netflix. (Part 2 is the best one.) 

It's similar to the pint I love, just not as decadent,  BUT it does come at a cheaper price point. So if you're looking for something chocolatey and you're on a budget, this is a decent bang for your buck. I wouldn't kick it out of my freezer, and I would probably pick it up again, but my heart still belongs to Make Fudge Not War. (At least in regards to Aldi's offerings.) 

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