Wednesday, March 30, 2022

"Ah, a duet of pleasures." - Strawberry + Dark Chocolate Kit-Kat Bars

Strawberry Dark Chocolate Kit-Kat Bar

The Kit-Kat Duos have become a trio. First we had Dark Chocolate Mint, then Mocha Chocolate, and now Strawberry and Dark Chocolate. The first fruity addition to the line-up.  

If the other flavors are any indication, this is going to be a winner...but strawberry can be hit or miss with Kit-Kat. Will this taste authentic, like the other two? Or will it taste too fake? 

Unwrapped, the bar smells sweet and fruity, but there is this creamy tang that leans towards yogurt-territory. The overall scent is little artificial and cosmetic. Like a novelty chocolate-strawberry scented Chapstick you'd buy at Claire's, and I don't like it. Real chocolate is great, chocolate scented candles and cosmetics? Gross. Really hoping it'll taste better than it smells.

Taking a's officially my first Duo-dud.

The dark chocolate is the same as the one in the mint version, creamy, melts nicely, sweeter than your usual dark chocolate, while the strawberry is more-so Franken Berry than anything else. It has this creamy, generically fruity flavor that is a spot-on dupe for the pink, seasonal, Franken-cereal. Especially when it's mixed with the crisp wafer interior. 

I love cereal monster branding, I love their designs, I love Count Chocula, and Boo-Berry, and Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy, but Franken Berry is (sadly) my least favorite cereal. For me, Franken Berry tastes artificial, in a bad way.  I always thought it was that I might have a sensitivity to red dye or something, because it always tasted so fake and oddly tangy, but I am having that same issue with this Kit-Kat bar. I think fake strawberry flavoring and I just aren't compatible. 

This tastes like dark chocolate covered Franken Berry cereal.

Franken Berry lovers, definitely check this out, but it's not for me. I much rather have the mint or mocha versions

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