Monday, March 28, 2022

Chocolate? For Oreos? Groundbreaking. - Ultimate Chocolate Oreos

Triple Chocolate Oreos

Here we have the legit, Oreo-branded, limited edition Ultimate Chocolate cookie. I was going to skip this one, because it's just chocolate, how different from the normal, year-round, chocolate could it really be? But then I had a rough day at work and went to Walmart for cat litter and next thing I knew, my cart was full of junk-food. Oops. Then it ended up in the blog back-log pile with all my other cookies. So, was this worth buying and is it different than normal?

(I'll break up the rest of the cookie posts with some newer snacks, but I wanted to knock this out before it got even older.)

We have a classic chocolate cookie, and three layers of chocolate-flavored creme, which is where I have a bone to pick. 

The layers are dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and...white chocolate?  But all three fillings are different shades of brown, and they're far darker than what is depicted on the packaging. I am very doubtful that white chocolate is involved in this cookie at all, and the whole "triple" thing is just a gimmick. Let's taste the creme to find out. 

Again, unlike the photo, the three layers of creme are present, but they are not all equal. We have a thick layer of dark chocolate, which looks rich and fudgy like previous dark chocolate and Brownie Batter Oreos, a middle layer that is not as dark, and then a top layer that is more...gray? It's a few shades lighter, but also a bit muted, either way it looks nothing like "white chocolate." 

Trying to get each of these on their own is tough, because two of the layers are so thin, but I'll try. 

White chocolate: the lightest color layer, still a rich shade of brown. It's the thinnest layer of the bunch. It's sweet, a little chocolatey in a watered down Hershey's syrup or Yoo-Hoo kind of way, but chocolatey and good.

Milk chocolate: this is also sweet, but with more of a canned chocolate frosting flavor to it, Similar to E.L.Fudge cookie filling. 

Dark chocolate: Chocolatey, gritty, and very much like the brownie batter filling released previously. It's darker than normal, fudgier, and really yummy. 

When all three fillings are combined, no cookie, it reminds me of the little bits of "brownie batter" included in ice cream. It's sweet, chocolatey, gritty, and really delicious. I already declare this to be infinitely better than the normal year-round chocolate cookie, but I still need to try it with the cookie as a whole. 

Combined, it's simple, just a rich chocolatey cookie with rich chocolatey filling, but its damn good. This might not have three different forms of chocolate filling, but it certainly lives up to the "ultimate" in it's name. 

If you ask me, we should permanently replace all the chocolate creme filled Oreos with these. They're vastly superior in every way, and they are even better with a cold glass of milk! I am glad I bought these, and I will actually be sad to see them go. They're delicious, and remind me a lot of the Brownie Batter Oreos, so if you're missing those, be sure to grab a pack of these before they're gone.

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