Saturday, November 5, 2022

Halloween 2022 Recap - Clearance and all!

How did you spend your actual Halloween? 

Sadly, I had to work, but I wore my favorite Ghostbusters shirt, wore orange eye make-up, my skull-face mask, brought a bowl of candy, and played Halloween songs. But, before heading out, I set-up a bowl on candy on my stoop for kids. Trick or Treating started at 3, but it was a weekday, so I wasn't able to get home until after 5. I decorated the house and didn't want to deprive any kids from candy, so I figured, that should work, BUT I used a disposable paper party bowl from Dollar Tree. (Friends who did the same had their whole bowl stolen and I like my Halloween candy bowl.)

When I got back...
I discovered that my candy bowl was still shockingly full. No kids? Then, after a closer look, I noticed that while it was still full of candy, all the koosh balls and skull-shaped erasers I mixed in were gone. Weird. After a closer look, the side of my paper bowl was covered in little squirrel hand-prints!
Apparently they trick-or-treated themselves to some toys. I like squirrels, and their antics entertain my cats, so it's cool. Happy Squirrel-ween! I swapped out the candy to give kids a fresh batch of non-squirrel goods, and sat on the stoop to hand it out. I got more kids than I had in years...but then it rained. Boo. 

As far as costumes, there were a lot of kids dressed as Chucky and Tiffany, from Bride of Chucky and the recent series. I'm a big Bride of Chucky fan, so I loved it! (Extra candy for you!) Other than that, the rest of the costumes were random. A lot of inflatables though, and those kids were struggling. Can we please retire the whole inflatable costume trend? These kids can't see, they can't go up stairs, they trip on the sidewalks...let's hope their popularity deflates soon. 

When it started to rain, and things died down, I moved up to the covered porch, popped on the newest Treehouse of Horror and gave the last kids standing fistfuls of sweets to finish out the night. Then I went inside and watched Halloween episodes on Hulu and played the Google Doodle Ghost game at least 50 times. 

Most popular candy? Kit-Kats. Weird, especially since I had Sour Patch Kids and Reese's. 


Most popular non-candy treat? SLIME. Hands down. I had them as an alternative incase of allergies, but when kids spotted them, everyone wanted to skip the candy all together and go for the slime. It was a pretty Happy Halloween! 

The next few days I went out to scoop up clearance goodies, I hit up: Walgreens, Target, CVS, Marshall's/Home Goods 

Walgreens didn't have much. Snagged a Halloween Wreath for next year (or Spooky Christmas), skeleton printed suspenders, and some candy. Although the candy was slim pickin's.

Target was better. Candy selection was rough, but I scored 50% off Halloween slippers, Halloween cat treats, dog treats, a Bride of Chucky Sweatshirt, dish towels, and got a Spooky themed cardboard cat scratcher for only $5! (Originally it was $15.) So I love the idea of the scratcher, but 2/3 of my cats are HUGE. So Pru is really the only one who fits, and she's a black cat, so it's perfect. I also grabbed bags of Heath Bars and Heath Bar baking bits for half off, I use these in my winter baking so that was a great deal. And some more Ghost Dots for .60 cents a box because they're the best version of Dots ever. 

Marshall's/Home Goods was the jackpot. I got more spooky mugs, plates, pot holders, spider placemats, a bunch of Halloween-themed bath bombs for my year-round Halloween bathroom, and really fancy fall candles. There were these bottle brush trees that were purple with eyeballs that I really liked, but I want to focus on outdoor decor, so I left them there. I also got another pack of these adorable pumpkin printed ramekins. I bought one pack of 4 for normal price and I love them so much I couldn't resist a back-up set for half off! Not too shabby! 

CVS had the candy I was looking for, but not much of it. I grabbed a big combo bag of Snickers, Twix, Starburst and Skittles for 50% off. And a bag of Albanese mini Gummy bear packs. I was craving fruity candy for my own snacking and thankfully they had these left. They had some big plastic pumpkins, that were really cool, but they lit-up rainbow inside. Not as cool. So I left those.   

My beloved Halloween-themed Fruit Roll-Ups didn't come out this year, which are normally my #1 favorite Halloween Clearance buy, but this year I would say my favorite buy was the clearance Halloween pet treats. (I should have grabbed more of the dog ones when I had the chance! My boys are picky and I wasn't sure they'd like them, so I only got one bag, but they do! I stocked up on Spooky Temptations though, my girls love them!)  

How was your Halloween? Did you go clearance hunting? Let me know in the comments!

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