Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Gingerbread Kit-Kats - Quickie Review

While I work on my destash video, let's keep the posts a' coming. 

Today I have a quickie, Gingerbread Kit-Kats. 

I think these were new-new last year, and I did try them, but never wrote them up. Spoiler alert, I liked them enough to purchase a full bag this year and included them in my holiday cookie boxes. 

The packaging is simple: individually wrapped bars with icing accents and little gingerbread people. I kind of expected different cookie shapes or faces on the packaging, but they're all the same. 

Unwrapped, I know it's meant to look like gingerbread, and it kind of does, but it makes me think of a mash-up of caramel and beeswax. Caramel because of the color, and beeswax due to how perfectly crisp the mold lines are.  

It smells like molasses, cinnamon, ginger, and sugar. Lots of sugar. It's interesting, and certainly different from any other American Kit-Kat I've ever smelled. 

Taking a bite, the outer layer has a waxy texture that I don't enjoy (like most American chocolate bars these days), but the flavor is very rather nice. It's very sweet, but it's also spicy and complex. I can taste notes of molasses, ginger, and cinnamon. Then the sweetness washes over everything like a tidal wave. It actually tastes a lot like the Gingerbread Oreos that came out a while back. Kind of gingerbread-y, enough to make it recognizable, but the most prominent flavor here is icing. 

It may sound like I don't like these, but I actually do. They're spiced and unique. I just wish they were less sweet, and more spicy, but I know I'm in the minority. I'm the kind of person who prefers the Oreo cookie to the creme. The person who bakes gingerbread every single year and doesn't add any icing. Even so, I find myself reaching for these more than I ever thought I would. They're pretty fun! 

If you see them on holiday clearance, I'd say they're worth grabbing. Especially if you pair them with an unsweetened cup of tea or coffee. 

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