Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Purse-sized Desserts - Senjaku Berry Cheesecake and Triamisu Candy

Even with my backlog looming over my head, we all know I can't resist an adorably packaged hard candy. I spotted these at Hung Vuong and next thing I knew, they were in my cart. Funny how that happens. 

Portable purse sized desserts? Will they satisfy the sweet tooth? I guess we'll see. 


Quick run-down of the packaging: the delicious food photos are what caught my eye. Perfectly placed fruit, little sprigs of porn at it's finest. Once you get past the fancy (likely stock) food-photos, the packaging is pretty forgettable. Little clip-art illustrations and splashes of text feel cluttered, like someone just added a bunch of stickers. But, the individual wrappers inside with their adorable illustrations feel more purposeful. Even with my critique, I still bought it, and that's what counts. It works. 

We have two flavors inside, each with their own color scheme. 

Berry Cheesecake Flavor - (pink) Tastes a lot like Creme Savers, remember those? It's creamy, a little tangy, and it has a surprisingly realistic jammy fruit flavor. It's still artificial and candy-like, no way would this ever replace the real-deal, but it's pretty darn good. (And I don't even like actual cheesecake, sorry Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche.) 

Tiramisu Flavor - (tan) Decent coffee aroma as soon as I opened the wrapper. Tastes pretty bold too, you get coffee, cream, and cocoa. It's very sweet, almost caramel-like, but it's more authentic than I expected. Unlike the cheesecake, tiramisu is actually one of my favorite desserts, so I'm pretty impressed! The bag went out of it's way to mention mascarpone, but I'm not really getting it here. More-so sweet cream and cocoa, but even without it, this is a really nicely balanced flavor, which really does taste more like a baked good than any other coffee flavored candy I've tried. 

Personal preference has me leaning towards tiramisu as the superior flavor, but even so, I still enjoy the cheesecake more than I thought I would. I'm currently giving away cheesecake flavored candies as a bonus treat with Charlotte themed pins in my Etsy shop. (While supplies last.) Because they are perfectly on-theme and I can only eat so much candy.

If you see these around, I would definitely recommend them. Especially if you like Crème Savers.  

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