Friday, January 20, 2023

Crunchy Milk? Yes, please!

I'm super sleepy, but I wanted to keep my 3-day review-streak going, so I'm here with a quickie! 

I picked these up at Hung Vuong the same day I grabbed the tiramisu and cheesecake candies. 

Peko-chan, the mascot on the packaging, is super cute, and I've had several Milky products in the past so I know the brand is consistently good. I had to get it. 

"Crunchy milk," is not an appetizing descriptor for American audiences, it sounds like something that's destined for the trash, but I promise you, these are good. 

Inside the wrapped you'll find an opaque, off-white, hard candy. It smells sweet and a little Milky, like the packaging promised, but it's the flavor that really shines. 

Does it taste like milk? Kind of. It's a candy, so it's really sweet, and almost caramel-like, but the best way I can describe it is sweetened condensed milk. I made a lot of coquito this winter, so I am pretty familiar with what sweetened condensed milk tastes like, and this is like that, but better. Almost like it was mixed with vanilla bean ice cream. You know, the "fancier" ice cream that is lighter in color, less yellow, and had little flecks of actual vanilla bean? It's like that, in candy form. 

After you weaken the shell, you can crunch it right away. The exterior is typical hard candy, like a hard caramel, but the center is more honey comb-like and I think there is even a bit of white chocolate in there as well because it melts in your mouth. I am normally a cruncher, but for this candy in particular, I think savoring it slowly is the way to go. You get the sweet complexity of the milk and vanilla notes that way, and it feels more decadent. 

I expected this to be good, but it's more than good, it's great! (Like Frosted Flakes, or log!) Cute packaging, great product, and a flavor that is well executed that appeals to all. You can't ask for more than that! If you see this around, definitely pick it up. I can't think of a single person who wouldn't like this. (Unless there are allergies and dietary restrictions of course!) Time for bed!

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