Monday, January 23, 2023

I DESTROYED These - Hot Honey Pringles

The title for the post completely reveals my thoughts on these. Normally there's this coy game of, "I don't know, will I like these?" But, I destroyed this tennis ball can of chips in 2 days. When you are surrounded with as much junk food as I am (completely by choice), that's saying something.  

Hot Honey was on-trend a few years ago, but it's prevalence and popularity has started to wane. I still love it though. It reminds me of eating chicken nuggets with honey as a kid. Like a warm nostalgic blanket that somehow grew up along with me. 

However, this was not love at first chip.

Taking a bite, you get the familiar processed salted potato flake Pringles flavor we all know and love, then a pretty hefty amount of sweetness to represent the honey, (and there surprisingly is real honey in the ingredient list), and then a slight tang of a vinegar-based hot sauce. The hot sauce aspect reminds me of Aldi's Burman's hot sauce, it's tangy more than it is hot and definitely on the low-end of the heat seeker spectrum. (If not rock bottom.)

First chip or two were good, but I was a disappointed at the lack of spice. There's some dry chili-like heat that can build up at the corners of your mouth and the back of your tongue, but it's nothing worth ringing alarm bells over. So they're not hot-hot, BUT they are tangy and the more you eat, the more you fall in love. 

These are like the sweet and spicy chili sauce of Pringles, and I am super into it. The new year has just begun and I don't know what is on the horizon, but I'm calling it now, this is the best Pringle of 2023.

Boom. Mic drop. Or I guess, tennis ball can drop. 

If you like sweet chili sauce, you definitely need to try these. They're Walmart exclusive, but they don't say, "limited edition," so I hope they plan on sticking around. 

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