Monday, January 30, 2023

Sometimes Spicy - CinnaFuego Toast Crunch

CinnaFuego is old news, so I wasn't going to blog about it...until I found out how unpopular it was. I knew I had to post something to clear it's good name.

What is CinnaFuego? 

It's spicy Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 

A straight forward concept, and yet the general public seem to hate it for being exactly what it said it was: a sweet and spicy cinnamon snack. 

Spicy cinnamon is nothing new (remember Big Red?), but it IS a new direction for the iconic breakfast cereal who's previously played it safe opting for cereal bars with white chocolate, or even more sugary sweet flavors like Sugar Cookie or Apple Pie. If you take that into consideration, it's a bold move on the brand's part to go into spicy territory, but that's why they made it a limited edition product and sold it in relatively small bags. They knew it wasn't for everyone.

"Fuego" means fire, and evokes heat, there is a starburst disclaimer saying these have "sweet cinnamon heat," and the little cereal-dudes are literally on fire. This wasn't a jokey product that hid it's true nature, it was front and center. Even after you open the bag, the cereal may look the same, but the aroma is a bright, bold, spicy cinnamon. Very similar to the aforementioned Big Red and Atomic FireBall. 

And that is how I would describe this product, classic Cinnamon Toast Crunch, covered in powdered Atomic FireBall candy. It's sweet, it's spicy, it's tongue-burningly-cinnamon-y, and if I eat too much I will get heartburn, but I'm 100% into it. When you think "spicy cinnamon," isn't that the expectation? 

Personally, I prefer to snack on it dry. I think adding milk ruins it. Milk washes away the flavor and it gets soggy quicker than I would like, but I also feel that way about normal Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I'm a dry-cinna-snacker. 

I wouldn't even describe myself as a spicy food person. I like sriracha, and buffalo wings, but my tolerance maxes out in the medium-range. However, sweet-heat is another story. I grew up chewing Big Red, and loved Red-Hots, and can do the cinnamon challenge without flinching. So my sweet-spice tolerance is actually in the upper echelons. 

I was shocked that so many people out there hated this limited run, and even more shocked that I saw multiple people claim that the "normal" cereal was already spicy enough. EXCUSE ME? Taste is subjective, but that is some unseasoned-chicken-tastebud nonsense. When you think "spicy cinnamon," isn't FireBall candy the expectation? Just admit that you buy CINNAMON Toast Crunch for the sugar. Not the cinnamon. I even saw someone write that this tasted like "the worst part of FireBall Whiskey." My good sir, just buy normal whiskey.    

The only point negative critics are making that I WILL agree with is that this was way too expensive. The bags are only 5.9 oz. and depending on where you got it, it was at least $6.00. That is way too much for this product. Even though I like it, it should have been $4.00 (max!) 

If you like Big Red, Hot Tamales, Red Hots, or Atomic FireBalls, this is a really fun snack worth checking out (especially since it seems to be on clearance now and you can get it for a much better price.) But, if you can't handle Big Red gum, this is NOT for you, and that's fine, but saying it's too spicy when the bag is clearly covered in warnings? Now you're just making me mad. 

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