Wednesday, April 5, 2023

A Surprising Novelty - Mike & Ike's Peeps on a Stick

Mike and Ike Peeps on a Stick
- Walmart 

Easter is right around the corner, so I might as well stick with the (accidental) Peeps-heavy posting. We've had Peeps in a can, Peeps in cotton candy, and now we have Peeps on a stick. Mike and Ike edition. 

So we have four different colors fruity flavored chicks on a stick. Is this worth buying? Or something we should skip? 

Each color is actually it's own flavor. Just for fun, I'll rank them each 1/5. 

Surprisingly tangy! It definitely doesn't taste like actual strawberries, or even a Mike and Ike version of strawberry due to how tangy it is. I would say this leans a bit towards SweetTarts-territory. It's bright, it's sweet, it's tangy, and generically fruity. Like, eating this I would guess that it's fruity, but I don't think I would ever guess Strawberry without the visual color association. 2/5, my least favorite of the bunch but that doesn't mean it's bad by any means. Compared to the other three it just isn't up to snuff. 

Orange: Surprisingly juicy and creamy. Think Orange creamsicle, but this a slightly vitamin-like aftertaste. Flintstones vitamins meets marshmallow Peeps. Another bright flavor, with a surprisingly amount of tang, which is not what I usually relate Mike and Ike's to, but I really do like it. 3.5/5 well executed, and I am not an orange-candy kind of girl. 

 Slightly tangy, and sweet, but the lemon flavor doesn't come through until the very end. Thanks to the marshmallow texture, this is making me think of Lemon Meringue pie. Peeps have done lemon Delights before, with that gross "fudge" bottom, but I think this version is much better. Again, not really the particular lemon flavoring I relate to Mike and Ike's but I dig it none the less. 3.5/5, too mellow to completely win me over, but it's pretty darn good.

Lime: I'm a sucker for all thing lime, and this one is pretty great as far as novelty marshmallow chicks on-a-stick go. It's tangy, a little zesty, and immediately recognizable. While the lemon was more creamy and mellow, this is brighter and juicier. Easily my favorite flavor of the four. 5/5, a really lovely lime flavor you don't often see in other candies. 

Okay, Peeps-on-a-stick, I'm actually impressed. 

Each flavor is bright, tangy, and (other than strawberry,) well executed. Especially for an item that comes on a stick. Personally I like this product's takes on citrus more than the Delight versions. I would definitely buy this again and they are a gluten free and dairy free item! So I can get them for my family members with food allergies this year. If you're looking for a unique treat for this year's Easter baskets, I definitely recommend scooping a few of these up. They're available at both Target and Walmart. 

Last year we had a similar item with a Froot Loops tie-in, and I actually still have one bouncing around in my junkfood drawer that I never got around to. Should I still try it? I know I like my Peeps stale, but this might be too stale, even for me. Stay tuned and I guess we'll see if my hatred for food waste wins out over my common sense!

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