Monday, April 3, 2023

Peeps Cotton Candy? Worth buying?

Peeps Cotton Candy with Marshmallows
- Target 

Peeps cotton candy with marshmallows. Is it just normal cotton candy? Marshmallow flavored cotton candy? I'm not entirely sure, but there ARE tiny freeze dried marshmallows inside, and I love cereal marshmallows, so I had to check it out. 

The tub design is pretty cute. We have scattered pink, blue, and yellow bunny and chick silhouettes with larger illustrations of the marshmallow characters front and center with a ribbon and the main logo. For a second I thought there were a few stray "eye"-dots on the characters, but I guess those are tiny tiny registration marks. Is there really a need to label a registered trademark on each one individually? 

Overall, it's a bit busy, with more text than I would have preferred, but I do like it. It's resealable and fairly sturdy, I actually like to wash these tubs out and use them to store craft supplies. But if you're not a cute packaging hoarder like me, it is also fully recyclable. Plus it's a pretty clever use of a product they're already making. These are the same tiny marshmallows used in their cereal, so no need for new machinery. Another plus. 

Opened up, a bunch of the marshmallows are loose and scattered on top, which made me a little worried. I had hoped they'd be mixed throughout, because if they're just on top, I'd have to fight the urge to just eat them separately, ruining the whole blended experience I had hoped for. Thankfully they're also mixed throughout the tub, but the majority do lie on the top and bottom of the tub which can be a bit annoying.

The cotton candy is...just normal cotton candy. It's sweet, sugary, more dense than freshly spun, but less dense than the kind that you buy in foiled bags. Flavor-wise, it's just sugar. Nothing to report there, but when you do get a tuft with some dried marshmallows inside, you get the added bonus of a crispy, crunchy, texture. And I love that! 

I'm very into-freeze-dried marshmallows. I buy them fairly often, and I love their "squeaky" texture. I do think adding them into this cotton candy adds to the experience, especially if you love texture, but this isn't a complete game changer. 

Just like when there are mix-ins in ice cream, or marshmallows in your breakfast cereal, you find yourself seeking them out, and when you've gotten them all, the leftovers feel less fulfilling and exciting. That is what happened here. Once all my little marshmallows were gone, the cotton candy leftover felt less magical. So this is a novelty, for sure, but I ended up loving the added texture even more than I thought I would. 

Shelf stable cotton candy is not freshly spun cotton candy, and it never will be. But it's not like I get to go to circuses, fairs, or boardwalks very often, so if the mood strikes? This'll do in a pinch, but the real take away is that adding dried marshmallows really upgraded the textural experience of cotton candy for me. I would love to explore this more, like adding freeze dried strawberries! I have looked into buying my own cotton candy machine multiple times, but could never rationalize it...I probably still shouldn't...but this has opened my eyes to a whole new world of cotton candy possibilities that I hadn't thought about. Do you need to buy this? Probably not. But if you do have cotton candy, and some other crispy mix-ins, do yourself a favor and combine the two.

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