Friday, March 31, 2023

Ocean Bomb: Buu, Nami & Chun Li

I'm a sucker for cute packaging, sparkling drinks, and nostalgia. So these were a triple threat. Let's see if these are 100% novelty, or if they actually make for decent sipping! 

One Piece Nami Mango Sparkling Water - smells super sweet, like a gummy candy. I took a sip, and it's good, but it's definitely not what I would call a "sparkling water." To me, "sparkling water" is more-scented than it is flavored. Like a "flavored" seltzer. This is more like a carbonated juice. It's fruity, mango-y, and a little mandarin-orange-like. 

The ingredients include high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and mango it looks like this might just be a straight-up soda? Unexpected twist! Now, about halfway through the can I started getting a headache...which only happens to me with artificial sugars like sucralose, which is not listed I'm a little freaked out. I'm going to switch to water and give this one a break before I get vertigo. (Which is what happens when I ingest too much sucralose or aceK.)

Chun Li Sparkling Tea Peach
 - smells like peach flavored sweet tea that you would get from a fast food place, like Chick-fil-A. It'll be interesting to see how this tastes carbonated. 

Taking a sip, the peach flavoring is extra sweet and candy-like, similar to peach rings, with a black tea base and a light level of carbonation. In terms of "tea," this is more like Arizona-like than actual brewed tea. So depending on your preferences, this could be a hit or a miss. Personally, I loved that extra sweet stuff when I was a teen, but I'm in my 30's now and I find it way too sweet for casual sipping. (Help, I'm getting old and less fun!) If you like canned Brisk, or Arizona drinks, you'll love this.


This also has the same artificial sweetener aftertaste as the Nami-can, but nothing in the ingredient list should be causing it. Maybe it just didn't make it to the translated sticker-labeling? 

Buu Peach Sparkling Water
 - Whoops. I bought these based on the characters and didn't actually pay much attention to their flavors. So this is a pseudo-repeat. It's peach, but this time it's -just- peach. No tea.

Opened, it's even sweeter and more nectar-like than the Chun Li-can. I already liked that one to peach rings, but this is even more candy like and reminds me of those ultra syrupy canned fruit nectars I used to get from the Goya aisle. 

Taking a sip...I hate it. Oh man, do I hate it. It smells syrupy sweet, but the texture it like any other sparkling water, thin and, well, watery. But it's the flavor that really set me off. It tastes like a watered down version of how it smells. The carbonation is rather mild too. I drink canned seltzer from Aldi, and I have a Sodastream at home I use to make my own unflavored sparkling water, and both of those, even on the most mild setting, and more carbonated than this. It almost feels like I left it open for a while and came back to it, but it's freshly opened. If you like fake peach flavoring, and prefer to drink bubbly drinks after they've sat out for an hour to two...this is for you. Which is a shame because he's my favorite can. They had other Dragonball characters, but they were all in chibi-form, and Vegeta just does NOT work in chibi-form, and there was no Yamcha, so I went for Buu. Can-wise, this is my favorite of the three, flavor-wise, it's the worst of the bunch. 

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