Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Potato Chip Party! - 3 Flavors, one post!

De-stash time! One post, 3 chips, let's go!

Trader Joe's Everything Bagel Chips
- Crunchy kettle chips with everything bagel seasoning.

It delivers exactly what was promised, I'm just not into it. I love everything bagels, and I love adding everything bagel seasoning to other dishes, like chicken, or non-bagel breakfast sandwiches, but as a potato chip flavor, it's bland and boring. I think adding a dip would have helped, or using them as a cracker-substitute on a cheese plate, but as-is, I just wasn't reaching for these over anything else. Even plain potato chip bags have come and gone without me reaching for these. And, super weird note, these are past their good-by date (and have been sitting on top of my fridge since the summer) and they're bizarrely wet. A crazy amount of oil has seemed out of these and the interior of the bag which I have never seen happen before in my entire life. It's so wet I was alarmed, thinking, "Was their a leak in my ceiling?" Nope, it's just oil that seeped out of these chips! Safe to say, I won't be re-buying. Even fresh, they just aren't for me. 

Rating: 1.5/5, wouldn't buy again 


Aldi Bloody Mary Chips
- These have been released a few times at Aldi, usually alongside the Moscow Mule flavor I already reviewed. It's a fun concept and, of the two recurring flavors, this one definitely made more sense. It's tomato based, with onion, garlic, Worcestershire sauce and tons of other flavors. Like, All Dressed, with a twist! After seeing the ingredient list I really thought I would like these, but they tasted oddly bland and ketchup-y. I mean, the ingredient list promised so much! There's tamarind, paprika, lemon juice...all great things, and yet, this was another bag I never reached for. I think the texture wasn't doing it any favors either. This is another kettle chip, this time a crinkle-cut one, and I think if it had a lighter texture the more subtle aspects of the flavor might have come through a bit better. With kettle chips, which I do like by the way, I think you need bold, sharp, flavors to really shine through all the texture and flavor of the chip itself, and this just wasn't up to the task. (FYI, my favorite Kettle Chip is the Herr's Boardwalk Salt & Vinegar. So sharp and bold, if you eat too many it'll murder your tongue, but they're so dang good!) 

Rating: 2/5, wouldn't buy again

Lay's Funyun Chips 
-It's been a while since I've had Funyuns, so I probably hyped these up in my head more than I should have.  At first I thought these were really weak, because the onion doesn't hit you until after you've chewed and swallowed, but it does build as you snack. It's a sweet, almost caramelized, onion flavoring, which I can appreciate, but I find myself completely sick of them after a handful. I feel like it needs to be broken up with something else. I definitely shouldn't have gone for the Party Sized bag, but it was the only one I could find at the time and, like I said, I hyped it up in my head. In the end, I wouldn't buy these again, and I think the best way to use these up would be the crush them up and use them as chicken breading. That would probably work really nicely!     

Rating: 3/5, wouldn't buy again 

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