Monday, May 29, 2023

Dots: Summer Edition

Watermelon Dots - Dollar Tree 

Last fall, I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed Ghost Dots. The Halloween variation contains the classic year-round flavors, but every candy is the same shade of looks-like-it-glows-in-the-dark green. (They don't actually glow, FYI.) The novelty of the Halloween version is you don't know which flavor you are going to get because they all look the same. 

In snacking, I would classify myself as a hunter-picker. I seek out what I want, leaving my least favorites (usually orange or grape in most mixes) for last. Or I meticulously make the rounds until everything is even and then choose the least favorites to go first so I can savor my favorites last. (Not sure if that is a normal thing.) Long story short, I couldn't do that with Ghost Dots, but I liked it. I really liked it. Even though I was never a massive Dots fan, I went out of my way to buy several Ghost boxes before they disappeared for the season. But my supply ran out, and normal Dots just don't appeal to me, so I decided to try this summery version instead. 

And this is kind of similar in a way. They all look the same....because they are the same. This entire box is just watermelon flavored, and I have never had Dots' take on Watermelon, so let's home I like it! 

Opened, the 2-toned gumdrop buttons have a matte finish, with green bottoms and pink tops. Cute, watermelon-y, and exactly what the box promised. They don't seem to have any scent at all, so nothing to report there.  

Popping one into my mouth, we have the dense texture Dots are known for, but it takes a few chews for the flavoring to shine through. It starts out sweet and mild, and gets a little bolder and tangy about 5 chews in, but take the term "bold," with a grain of salt. I mean bold in terms of Dots flavoring, which tends to be extra mellow. 

If you removed the extra flavorful sanding sugar exterior from sour watermelon slices, you'd get something like this. Since it is so similar, and I love sour watermelon gummies, this feels unfinished to me. And it seems stupid to say this, since the box literally contains only one flavor, but it feels too one-note. It's a different flavor from normal Dots, and I like that, but I don't think I like this flavor enough to want a full box of only this flavor. 

Adding something like lemon-lime would help. It could be 2-toned green and yellow, and have a lemon-limeade theme or something to keep it summery.

In the end, I like watermelon Dots just fine. It'll take a few days of nibbling to finish off the box, but once they're gone, I'll be okay with moving on. 

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