Friday, January 13, 2023

Watermelon Sandwich, HIGH - No really, I found watermelon sandwiches

I actually tried this on my friends' live stream, but it's so stinking cute I wanted to give it a full post. 

Look at this! Watermelon bread-sandwiches?! How could I resist? 

When I bought this, I wasn't sure what to expect. You can't see into the box, so I figured there had to be a full loaf inside. Some kind of watermelon-colored bread that I would have to slice up. Turns out, it's a actually a box of individually wrapped, pre-made watermelon-sandwiches. There's even a semi-translucent filling! 

A happy accident, because cutting soft bread is harder than you think, and this stuff is super soft. 

So, it looks like watermelon, but when you open it up, it just smells vaguely sweet and buttery. 

As a kid, I used to have a half-slice of white bread with margarine on it to go with my dinner, and this smells exactly like that. Just a bit sweeter. Honestly, given how it looks, you'd expect this to be really artificial and bold, but it's not. 

Taking a bite, the bread is super soft and chewy, but completely normal. All the watermelon flavoring is in the crème filling. It's very soft, and colorful, but the flavor is typical processed white bread. 

When you get to the filling, it actually looks like Toaster Strudel icing. It's slightly translucent with the consistency of a spreadable butter alternative, and it smells slightly like watermelon Bonne Bell chapstick. If someone took margarine, and blended it with actual watermelon juice, and some chapstick, it would create this. A product absolutely NO ONE has ever asked for. I've had a few interesting watermelon products over the years, juices, jerky, jam...but this is in a league of it's own. It's watermelon-adjacent. Not quite artificial, not quite real, not quite melon. 

The sandwich as a whole is sweet, and soft, and adorable, and weird all at once. A very interesting, and surprisingly palatable product, but I would hesitate to call it good. 

Cute, weird, and edible. The bar is fairly low, but what else could I ask of a fruit-shaped bread sandwich? 

If you have the opportunity to try this, go for it, but maybe split it among friends. I don't think anyone out there needs a full box to themselves, (myself included.) Although...apparently it also comes in coconut...

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