Wednesday, January 11, 2023

French vs Icelandic - Yogurt De-stash Part 1

Yogurt is ugly. 

No one posts a photo of -just- yogurt. It's always covered with photogenic toppings, layered with fruit and seeds, or used as an accent. It's in the same boat as oatmeal. Something you enjoy, but don't brag about. 

That said, I've bought a decent amount of yogurt flavors, so here is part 1 of my (hopefully) fridge clearing-series. 

Icelandic Provisions Strawberry & Lingonberry 

Opened, it looks completely normal, albeit slightly thicker than usual. There is a slight tinge of pink and a fleck or two of seeds, but that's it. 

It smells sweet and fruity, almost like jam, which given how plain it looks, it rather surprising, but promising. 

Taking a bite, it's thick alright. Possibly the thickest yogurt I've ever had. I nearly had to chew it, but I really like the texture. I've never been a fan of Kefir, or drinkable yogurts, the closest thing to it is Yakult, which I love, but more often than not, I avoid thin, runny yogurts. They're like, fruity flavored sad soup. You definitely can't accuse this of being runny. If you scoop a spoonful you can flip it over like a DQ Blizzard! It's not going anywhere. 

In spite of it's rich, thick, texture, the flavoring keeps this feeling light. It has plenty of yogurt-tang, a light amount of sweetness, slightly dry tartness from the lingonberry (which comes off as similar to cranberry here), and's really enjoyable! I do think this cup is the perfect serving size though. If I have anything larger, I think the texture would start to skeeve me out. 4/5

Oui Pumpkin Caramel

Opened, the "fruit" is on the bottom, so the top is just plain white yogurt, not much smell at all. 

I mixed things up to get a fairly even caramel-to-yogurt ratio, which made things a warm off-white color, and right away the texture of this French-style yogurt is completely different. 

Right off the bat, with the glass container and the creamy almost velvet-like texture, this feels very luxe. Like a fancy little "treat yo' self," product. But, while I love the texture, I find this one to be a little too sweet for me. Significantly sweeter than the Icelandic Provisions yogurt.

The flavoring leans more caramel than it does pumpkin, making this feel more like a dessert than something I would have for breakfast. 

It has lovely burnt sugar caramel flavoring with just a tiny hint of something else going on, but it is nearly unidentifiable as pumpkin. Which is funny because the label has a little blurb saying, "Now more pumpkin." SO, was there even LESS pumpkin before? If you had told me this was straight up caramel, I probably would have believed you. 

If you took normal vanilla or plain yogurt, and added a spoonful of caramel ice cream topping, it would likely produce the same thing. It's good, and if you'd looking to swap out a caramel sundae with a slightly healthier option, this would be the way to go, but it's a bit too sweet for me to buy more of it 3/5 but this container is really cute... 3.5/5

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