Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Break me off a piece of that Birthday Cake!

Birthday Cake Kit-Kat Bar 

I'm a hypocrite. I rant about "birthday cake" flavoring being a scam, which I 100% stand by, and yet? I. Just. Keep. Buying. It. 

After I searched for, "birthday cake," on my blog, and saw how many results came up, I realized how intense my hypocrisy has been. Why keep buying a product that infuriates me? 

But, after looking at the results? They prove my theory to be true.  

Any cake, any flavor, can be a, "birthday cake." Some of these products are chocolate with chocolate frosting, some vanilla, with vanilla frosting, sometimes a mix of the two...the only thing that stays consistent is sprinkles. Every single one of these "birthday" items has sprinkles, either actual ones, or implied specks of rainbow colors. And I am expecting this to be more of the same. 

Opened, it smells a bit like boxed cake mix. Vanilla-heavy, sweet, and really pleasant. But it looks like a normal white chocolate Kit-Kat with rainbow nonpareils. 

Taking a bite, the confectionary coating isn't waxy or sickeningly sweet like other white-based Kit-Kats, but don't worry, it's still plenty sweet. In terms of flavor, it is giving me grocery store cake frosting vibes. But it's also a lot like the confectionary coating found on coated animal crackers. You know, those pink and white ones that come in a bag coated in sprinkles? Yeah, this tastes like that, but better. Less waxy, and more melt-in-your-mouthy. It's pretty good! But does it taste like "birthday cake?" Debatable.

I'd say that if you like those aforementioned coated animal crackers, you'd definitely like these. It's the closest thing I would liken these to, which is funny because I've seen fake mock-ups for "Frosted animal cracker," Kit-Kats made by other foodies online. Little do they know, this is exactly what they asked for. 

They may not be "birthday cake," but they're pretty yummy, and I'll have no problem at all finishing the package. Are there any food themes out there that grind your gears? Like the Red Velvet cake rant from Orange is the New Black? Sound off in the comments so we can commiserate together!  

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