Friday, June 2, 2023

Let's jump right into it. Nose, first!

Oh. Oh, no. Why do they smell like this? 

Seriously, I'm pretty forgiving in terms or aroma, but had I not -just- bought these, and checked that best by date is May 2024, I'd think they'd gone rancid. 

Perhaps they were going for a sharp, provolone cheese, kind of thing here, but it smells like feet and rancid fryer oil. I hate it. And as a New Jersian, who has been adjacent to Philadelphia, the home of the cheesesteak, for's whiz-wit or bust, baby. 

The aroma is actually putting me off, so I am going to try a chip and hope for the best. 

The chip is pretty light in color, no noticeable flecks of seasoning at all. 

I popped it in my mouth, and it kind of tastes like flat-top grilled peppers and onions, which is interesting. A true Philly cheesesteak does NOT have peppers. (It's one of the things Philadelphians love to point out when they're out of state.) Personally, I do like having peppers on my sandwich, BUT if added, I wouldn't consider it to be a "Philly cheesesteak." At that point, it's just a steak sandwich. 

Back to the point, the chip is light, crispy, with a surprisingly authentic grilled bell pepper and onion flavoring and, dare I say, even some Steam-umms level meatiness. Color me shocked! They're not half bad! 

After eating a few in succession, a cheese whiz-like flavoring builds up too! Mixed with the potato-flake flavoring of the Pringle base, it's reminding me of cheese fries. What is this sorcery?!  The fake cheesiness builds up and gets a little overpowering after a few chips, so I don't think I would reach for these too often for solo snacking, but color me surprised!

They smell bad, but taste good. Which is kind of the perfect way to rep a complicated city like Philadelphia. It reminds me of the moment when Gritty's design was first unveiled. Reactions were immediately negative, myself included. We thought the team had lost it's mind but, he is perfect. Even I, a known sports-hater, freaking love Gritty. 

I thought these were going to be fun to bring into work so my Philly co-workers could dunk on them, but...they actually deliver! I'll keep you posted on what my true Philly co-workers think of the chips, but I am surprisingly into it.

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