Monday, June 5, 2023

Caramel Corn Curls - 2 Flavors! : Peach Nectar & Honey Lemon

Tohato Caramel Corn, 2 Flavors
- Hung Vuong Food Market

Tohato Caramel Corn is not at all like American Caramel corn.

In America, "caramel corn" refers to popped popcorn kernels covered in a thin shell of caramel. They retain their popped-corn shape, and typically only come in one flavor, caramel. 

Tohato Caramel Corn is more like a corn-based snack with a sweet flavored coating. Think dessert-Cheetos, or like, giant curl-shaped breakfast cereal. It's corn-based, and sweet, but just because it says "caramel" doesn't necessarily mean that the overall flavor has anything to do with caramel. 

I've had a few flavors, but only one one has ever made it to the blog. Why not check out some more? 

Today I have Honey Lemon, and Peach Nectar. 

Peach Nectar:
Corn curls with a very light pink coloring and a frosted appearance, like Frosted Flakes. If you've ever had a Nectar drink, they are super sweet and syrupy, I only really buy them to use as mixers for other drinks because they are so intense. By comparison, this is quite light. The outside is sweet and sugary, the corn puff melts away in your mouth similar to a Cheeto Puff, and you're left with a light Peach flavoring that reminds me of a jam or concentrate. It isn't intense or in your face, but the peach flavoring is definitely recognizable. It's refreshing, unique, and peach is fairly uncommon in American snack foods, so I would definitely recommend this one and buy it again. 4/5

Honey Lemon:
Pale yellow puffed corn curls with a slight frosted appearance. These. Are. So. Good. They're like big, sweet, puffy lemony, breakfast cereal. Reminiscent of Froot Loops, thanks to the lemon, but the honey aftertaste and melt in your mouth texture elevates it. Honey lemon is my go-to drink order, so I may be biased, but these are so delicious and addicting. I am destroying this bag in record time and I will be very sad when it's gone because I'm not sure if and when I will find it again. If you love sweet, lemony, snacks, this is a must-try. 100/5, highly recommend

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  1. I love these. My records show I've bought 20 different flavors (and multiples of many of them) from (still have a few of them in the pantry to try) far. The ones with lemon are always awesome (Lemon Pie...*homer drool*). Jason has the Honey Lemon in stock along with some interesting ones I've bought but not tried yet like Chocolate Banana Parfait.

    1. Chocolate Banana Parfait?! That sounds right up my alley. I might have to check that one out!