Monday, April 11, 2022

It's Like it was Made for Me! - Honey Lemon Paw Print Gummies

Another item from my backlog stash! This has adorable pet-themed packaging, it's a gummy, and it's honey lemon flavored. It's like it was made for me.

I always feel like I can't eat something until I have time to photograph and review it, so this has been in my stash for...a few months, but I'm excited to finally give these a try! 

The shop I got these from only had bags featuring this artwork, so I thought that was it, But when I googled it to learn a bit more about the candy, I saw that there are several other cat and dog variations of this same flavor. Spoiler alert, all of them are adorable. I'm happy with the package I got, but the cat ones are really stinking cute. 

To open it, you tear the bottom off and there is a resealable, zip-loc-style, closure. But, since I really like this packaging and plan on keeping it in my candy wrapper binder, I used an exacto knife to open it on the backside instead. This way the adorable front stays intact if I ever wanted to display it. 

Inside are little yellow-orange pawprint-shaped gummies, with a matte finish and a slight dusting of, what I believe to be, sugar. They smell mildly of lemon. It's a zesty aroma that reminds me of instant iced tea mix here in the states. 

Taking a bite, the interior doesn't look like it's filled, but texturally it feels like it is. (And the illustrations implied there was some kind of gooey center, so this makes sense.) The exterior is slightly stiff, and tastes sweet, like lemonade. I think those exterior crystals might have been starch or something, because I don't taste any extra sweetness or grit as I chew, but the filling does have the consistency of clover honey, and it tastes pretty authentic too! 

You get exactly what was promised: A yummy gummy that tastes like honey and lemon. It's sweet, zesty, and refreshing. Perfect for spring/summer. My only complaint it that the pouch is so small! I can easily gobble these up in 15 minutes or less and I already find myself wanting more. 

If you like lemon flavored ice tea, Arnold Palmers, or honey lemon, these will not disappoint. 

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