Friday, December 10, 2021

Barbie-sized Ice Cream Cones

Senjaku Soft Ice Cream Candies - Hung Vuong
In spite of decorating my home with skulls and spooky objects year-round, I am not immune to pastel cuteness. That said, this is hella cute. (When have I ever said, "hella?" It felt right at the time, but now I'm getting early 2000's No Doubt flashbacks.) 

We have uniquely shaped packaging, pastels, stripes, confetti, and the promise of tiny ice cream cone shaped vanilla candies. I had to have it. 

As far as the candy inside, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. The descriptor says "soft ice cream shaped cute candy," so it'll be ice cream shaped, but the "soft" refers to this being based on vanilla soft serve ice cream, so I wasn't sure what form the candy inside would take. Gummy? Mellowcreme? Turns out they're actually hard candies and they're 3D!

I wrongly assumed these were going to be flat-backed molded candies, but they're 3D, freestanding, ice cream cones. I can't help but think that these are the perfect size for Barbies. Child-me would be 100% into it, but adult me recoils at the fact that these will ultimately get sticky, gross, and covered in pet hair during playtime, so maybe don't actually use them for Barbies.   

When opened, the candy inside is meant to be vanilla, but it smells more-so like caramel to me. It's sweet, creamy, vanilla'd, but there is a definite Werther's Originals thing going on here. Not a bad thing, but not very vanilla or ice cream-like.  

I popped a tiny ice cream cone into my mouth, and found the shape to be slightly awkward, but not unpleasant. The shape is very rounded, so the roof of your mouth will be safe, but it being so...plug shaped? Urg, terrible visual there. I guess we'll go with "cylindrical" instead. The cylindrical shape would definitely be a choking hazard for little ones, so be advised.

Does it taste like ice cream? Nope. Not at all. But it is a slightly creamier, more vanilla'd, take on a hard candy caramel. At times I even feel like there is a hint of coconut, but I think that might be in my head. It's sweet, a little creamy (for a hard candy anyway), and it is really stinking cute. I couldn't have asked for more.  

If you like caramel flavored candies, and adorable things, this will be perfect for you. For my own personal consumption I probably wouldn't buy these again, but I would buy them again to include in gifts or share with friends. They're adorable and the flavoring is very safe and friendly to non-adventurous snackers who might want to try something new without it being new-new. 

If you give these a try, let me know what you think in the comments below! 

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