Friday, April 8, 2022

Cheese Fry Madness - Herr's Cheese Fry Chips

Cheese Fry Chips - Ollie's 

I love French fries, and one of the few ways they can be improved upon is by adding cheap, liquid orange-colored, cheese. Fun fact, cheese fries are the only food that turn my normally well behaved dog, Jack-Jack, into a horrible trash goblin. He is great, and never gets on the table or steals food, but an aluminum pan of cheese fries from our local pizza shop was just a step too far. It was a classic pet owner moment where you yell and run towards them, and they furiously start eating faster before you can stop them. Inhaling cheese fries, barely even chewing, he's definitely my dog-son.
So when I saw these at Ollie's I immediately tossed them into my cart. Impulse buying at it's best, but, when you think about it, this is probably really stupid, right? 

Aren't these just cheddar flavored chips with a fancier name? Hopefully not, because if they are, I'm in trouble. I hate cheddar flavored chips, especially cheddar and sour cream ones. They have this sweetness to them just that doesn't appeal to me. I guess I got swept up in my own cheese-fry-madness. 

Let's see if this really does taste different, or if cheddar chips just got creative with their marketing. (If so, it totally worked.) 

Herr's products tend to deliver what they promise, so that's on my side. Their flavored cheese curl line is pretty impressive, so there might be hope for this after all.

When opened, the chips smell salty, and a little cheesy, like instant mac & cheese powder, but sweeter than I had hoped. There is a sour cream aspect to the aroma that I instantly hate. This does not bode well.

They aren't orange like I expected. The chips are ridged, with little flecks of dark green, and a light dusting of yellow seasoning.  At first glance look like a yellower take on sour cream and onion chips.

Popped a chip into my mouth, and they taste just like they looked. Mostly sour cream and onion, with a double dose of sour cream and a hint of cheddar cheese. Imagine that you had sour cream and onion chips in the same bowl as cheddar and sour cream, why would they ever be together in the same bowl? I don't know. Maybe because you're a monster? But this would be the result.  

Since potato chips are made from potatoes (obviously) and French fries are just another form of delicious potato-goodness, it's not hard to make the mental connection and say these do, in fact, taste like French fries, but that isn't because of some magic seasoning combo or anything. Both items are just made of potato.

The onion and garlic prevent this from being too sweet, but it still too sour-cream-heavy for me. I don't hate it as much as normal cheddar flavored chips, but that isn't exactly a ringing endorsement. If you like sour cream and onion, and sour cream and cheddar chips, this will be the best chip ever. 

I should have given this purchase a bit more thought, but I'm not too bummed out about it. Chock this impulse buy up to cheese-fry-madness on my part.

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