Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Edible 90's Nostalgia - Lisa Frank Cookies

I would love to label myself as an 80's baby, but I arrived too late into the decade. Like it or not, I'm a 90's kid. (But I'm not a normal 90's kid, I'm a cool 90's kid.) 
One of my 90's-kid hobbies was collecting stickers in an album, counting them, and never sticking them on anything. Ever. Partially because my parents wouldn't let me, and partially because I didn't want to "waste" a sticker. It's a weird hang-up I still wrestle with. It took me until I was 30 to place a sticker my PC tower, and not feel like I had just ruined it forever. But, thanks to my bizarre sticker hang-ups, I still have an album full of stickers from my childhood, and some of the best ones are Lisa Frank. 

Holographic hip-hop-bears, strawberry-scented white Maltese dogs, and ballerina bunnies. Lisa Frank stickers were some of the best, and some of the weirdest. It seems like they quietly faded into obscurity, but now that former children are adults, with money, and desperate for any small bit of happiness we can grasp...Lisa Frank has made a resurgence. It's mainly rainbow-unicorn-based, which wasn't really my thing, but I still had to buy these. 

Let's see how they taste and take the quiz to find out my "unicorn name!"

The packaging certainly stands out from other Pillsbury offerings. We have rainbows, sparkles, stars, and a unicorn. What's not to love? Fun fact: I never knew that Lisa Frank characters had names. Turns out, this unicorn is, "Markie." The more you know!   

Turn it over, and the back panel is just as colorful. There are clear cooking instructions, nutritional information, and a quiz! (Do magazines still have quizzes? Or has Buzzfeed taken over?) According to this, I'm "Candy Rainbow." Not the most creative, but I'll take it. 

Inside is a tray of bake-able cookies. Unbaked, they look fairly accurate to what was promised, but once baked, you get... 

This. The unicorn looks great, but the stars have seen better days. Overall, looking good, but how do they taste? Will all the food dye make it any different than a standard sugar cookie? 

Nope. They're soft, sweet without being too sweet, and a little chewy. A classic Pillsbury sugar cookie. A grocery store classic. 

I felt like these were good, but not gaudy enough to capture the true essence of Lisa Frank, so I tried to roll these in some colored sprinkles for some flair. 

Getting sprinkles to stick to these things was a nightmare, and I like to bake a lot, so it wasn't like I was some kind of baking novice. Whatever these take and bake cookies are made of, it doesn't want to accept sprinkles, or icing. This was the best I could do. 

The addition didn't alter the taste, but it did add a little texture and a bit more visual interest. I found myself reaching for the sprinkled cookies more-so than the non-sprinkled ones, so I would recommend adding a bit of flair to your own batch of cookies for a better experience. (If I were to do it again, I might try and use rainbow nonpareils.)

In the end, this was a typical sugar cookie with added flair, but I had a lot of fun with it. And I'm glad I bought it. If you have any fondness for Lisa Frank, I would recommend checking these out before they fade into memory.    

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