Wednesday, June 7, 2023

One from the Vaults

Do the photos look weird? Because they're from 2018, when Caramel m&m's were first released. In typical me-fashion, I took the photos and never finished writing up the accompanying post. Rather than scrap it, I figure I'd make a new mini-post, because in spite of the "share-sized" labeling, I have polished off countless bags completely solo.

Once opened, you can see that the candies are larger than normal m&m's but not as large as the peanut variety. They have a very soft caramel center, a layer of milk chocolate, and are sealed with a candy shell. As a product, these aren't revolutionizing the candy world, or even m&m's as a brand, and it's such a basic combination, that it's borderline embarrassing that it took them until 2018 to release it. Plus, the chocolate-caramel market is over saturated already. Right off the top of my head we already have: MilkyWay, Rolos, 100 Grand Bar, Caramello, Milk Duds...and so many others. And yet? These are absolutely addicting. 

They remind me of Rolos, but better. (Sorry, Rolos.) 

Why? Their candy shell. It's why the Reese's Piece cup is better to me than the original. It's why I prefer coated tablet-style gum to sticks. It's the added texture and ease of snackability that has me reaching into the bag for more. They are bite sized, no wrappers or foil to remove, and have just the right amount of crunch. 

Could the chocolate quality be a bit better? Sure. I would say it's mid-level at best, but the ease of snacking, combined with a crunchy sugary shell and soft almost creamy caramel makes this a top-tier m&m for me. 

Even if it was the gateway m&m for the very disappointing Chocolate Hazelnut flavor, it's near perfect in my book. And as long as they keep making it, I'll keep on buying it.  

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